Bleach: Kurosaki Ichigo’s Zodiac Sign & How It Describes the Shonen Hero

Bleach is centered around its classic shonen protagonist, Kurosaki Ichigo, and his isekai-style adventures in fantasy realms such as the distant Soul Society, the deserts of Hueco Mundo and beyond. Ichigo is known for many things, from his brash punk attitude to his protective nature and, of course, his role as a substitute Soul Reaper in Karakura Town.

Ichigo's personality often rubs people the wrong way, being confrontational, rather petty and even antagonistic toward others. He has his good sides too though, and remarkably shares the same astrological sign as kinder shonen heroes like Demon Slayer's Kamado Tanjiro and even My Hero Academia's Midoriya Izuku. Ichigo was born on July 15th, which means his sign is Cancer.

The Attributes Of Cancer The Crab In Astrology

Ichigo Post Time Skip

Cancer the crab is one of the three water signs in astrological lore, known for being introverted, meditative and supposedly attuned to mystic energies. This sets Cancers like Ichigo apart from the gung-ho fire signs and the diligent, stubborn earth signs. In particular, Cancer the crab is ruled by the moon as its heavenly body, and its stones are moonstone and pearl.

Cancers prefer to have a few emotionally rich and meaningful friendships while avoiding large gatherings, meaning they are a bit like a kuudere in anime terms. Kuuderes don't open up too easily, and might gently bite if anyone tries to force the issue. In astrological lore, Cancer the crab will "pinch" people if they try to pry into its protective shell, but given enough time, they will warmly open up to someone trustworthy. Similarly, Cancers enjoy quiet comforts such as a cozy home and even home-cooked meals. They are not the adventurous type at all.

Someone born under the Cancer sign is going to have a protective and defensive nature, both for their own sake as well as their family and friends. They are closely attuned to the emotions and mental state of others, making them sympathetic and caring people. Some anime Cancers, such as Honda Tohru of Fruits Basket fame, are especially well-known for this.

 Kurosaki Ichigo As A Cancer In Bleach

Ichigo Walks Up To Aizen In Bleach

At first glance, Ichigo seems wildly different than other famous anime Cancers, often coming off as a headstrong and punkish antihero with an attitude. In his very first Bleach appearance, Ichigo was kicking around some skateboarders who had accidentally knocked over a deceased girl's roadside shrine. Almost every time he met a new ally, he made a terrible first impression. Ichigo might even dismiss or mock people who want his help and very rarely sheds tears over someone else's misfortunes. He's more likely to get angry on that person's behalf than cry with them.

In his own antihero way, though, Ichigo has proved to be a classic Cancer many times. His name can even be read as "one defender," and he tirelessly fights to protect anyone dear to him. Ichigo befriended Sado Yasutora, aka Chad, when rushing to his defense and beating up the punks who had cornered the poor pacifist, and they've been close ever since. Ichigo will also recklessly rush into harm's way to defend his little sisters Karin and Yuzu, and he used to be very close to his mother Masaki. A young Arisawa Tatsuki once noted how Ichigo would instantly cheer up and smile anytime his mother arrived on the scene.

Like most Cancers, Ichigo only makes a few friends in Bleach but he values them deeply, and is not one to juggle dozens of superficial or casual relationships like a Gemini. Chad, Inoue Orihime, Kuchiki Rukia, Abarai Renji and Ishida Uryu are Ichigo's true friends, and he's never felt the need to expand his social circle beyond that. He does get along with his Arrancar ally Nelliel, but that was mostly one-sided as she stuck to Ichigo like a fond sister.

Cancer's ruling body, the moon, also matches Ichigo in a subtle way. Rukia was introduced at night with a huge full moon in the background, and Ichigo later acquired the Getsuga Tensho technique, whose name means "moon-piercing heavenly fang." Ichigo is ready to slay his own sign's ruling body if it means defeating his enemies to protect his dearest friends and family. What an antihero Cancer he is.

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