Blade Runner: Black Lotus Drops Series Finale Trailer

Crunchyroll released an exclusive clip from the series finale of Blade Runner: Black Lotus ahead of its upcoming premiere.

The trailer depicts the show's protagonist Elle finally meeting her creator after fighting her way to the top of old Tyrell headquarters. Before she has a chance to ask questions about her mysterious past and identity, however, Elle is intercepted by the mysterious Water Lily, another one of her creator's replicants. The two engage in a heated battle, their blades clashing as they viciously fight around the compound.

Set 10 years after the events of the anime short film Black Out 2022 and before the events of Alcon Entertainment’s critically-acclaimed Blade Runner 2049Blade Runner: Black Lotus is the latest entry in the Blade Runner franchise. It follows a young woman named Elle who, despite being an ace with her blades, has no memories of who she is or how she came to be in possession of such deadly skills. The only hints she has about her lost identity are a locked data device and a tattoo of a black lotus etched on her back. Using these clues, Elle tries to uncover the secrets of her past by tracking down those responsible for her creation.

Blade Runner: Black Lotus is co-produced by Crunchyroll and Adult Swim in partnership with Alcon Television Group, which acquired the rights to the Blade Runner franchise in 2011. Unlike most other anime series, Blade Runner: Black Lotus forgoes traditional 2D animation and uses CGI instead. The show is co-directed by Shinji Aramaki (Evangelion: Another Impact) and Kenji Kamiyama (Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex), with Shinichiro Watanabe of Cowboy Bebop and Samurai Champloo fame serving as a creative producer.

The series began airing in November, with Adult Swim broadcasting the English dub in the United States during its Toonami programming block. The show can also be viewed in Japanese with English subtitles on Crunchyroll.

The cast of Blade Runner: Black Lotus is just as talented as its crew, with the English dub boasting voice talent such as The Matrix Resurrections' Jessica Henwick, Will Yun Lee (The Good Doctor), Josh Duhamel (Jupiter's Legacy) and Brian Cox (The Bourne Identity). The Japanese voice cast features the likes of Arisa Shida (Yu-Gi-Oh! Arc-V), Takako Honda (Naruto), Takehito Koyasu (Jojo's Bizarre Adventure) and Taiten Kusunoki (Beastars) all taking part.

The final episode of Blade Runner: Black Lotus premieres 9pm Pacific Time on Feb. 5 on Crunchyroll and Adult Swim.

Source: YouTube

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