Black Rock Shooter Unveils New Look for Dead Master

Dead Master will return in the upcoming Disney+ exclusive anime series, Black Rock Shooter Dawn Fall.

The character's new design was revealed on the official Black Rocker Shooter Twitter account, which showed off the villain in the second image released from the new series. The character still has her trademark horns, but now sports short green hair and a black cape and body suit, and trades her traditional scythe weapon in for a pair of mean-looking claws. The new redesign was created by Ryohei Fuke, better known by his online handle "huke," the artist who created the original illustrations that the rest of the series was based on.

Black Rock Shooter Dawn Fall was originally announced in October. The new series is the latest entry in the Black Rock Shooter multi-media franchise, which focuses on the exploits of its eponymous heroine, a mysterious girl with a flaming eye, who is a master marksman and sword fighter. The series spans across multiple anime, manga and video game series, each of which takes place in its own separate universe and continuity. The new series will be directed Motoki "Tenshou" Tanaka, who previously directed the Azur Lane anime. The series will be written by Makoto Fukami and Ryo Yoshigami, who both worked on the Psycho-Pass series. The show will be produced at Bibury Animation Studios, the company that created the Azur Lane anime adaptation, as well as the second season of The Quintessential Quintuplets.

The new show will be one of the first anime series to be streamed by Disney+. Shortly after Dawn Fall's announcement in October, Disney announced their plans to expand into anime licensing and streaming, with the new Black Rock Shooter anime as one of their first exclusive titles. Disney also licensed Tatami Time Machine Blues, the highly anticipated sequel to The Tatami Galaxy, which will be directed by Sonny Boy's Shingo Natsume, as well as Summer Time Rendering, a dark murder mystery and psychological thriller set in a sleepy, seaside town. The media giant's expansion into the anime industry comes as many of its streaming competitors, including Netflix, who just secured the highly anticipated next season of Jojo's Bizarre Adventure, and Sony, who paid over $1 billion USD to acquire Crunchyroll, invest heavily in international entertainment to fill out their content catalogues. Disney+'s anime offerings are currently scheduled to begin streaming sometime in 2022.

Source: Twitter

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