Black Clover: Yami’s Darkest Magic Provides the Brightest Hope

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Black Clover Chapter 313, “The Captain of the Black Bulls,” by Yuki Tabata, Taylor Engel and Annaliese "Ace" Christman, available now in English from Viz Media.

Recently in Black Clover, Nacht revealed the tragic history of Morgan -- the reason why Yami decided to become a Captain for a magical brigade -- but now, Chapter 313 dives into Yami’s true intentions for starting his own team. The Black Bulls give off the impression of a team of delinquents destined to be troublemakers, and that’s exactly what Yami was striving to create.

The real reason for seeking troubled souls was to give them a fighting chance and provide a space where they feel accepted, hence, the creation of the Black Bulls. Yami’s individual connection to each member is what makes the Black Bulls possibly the strongest brigade in the entire Clover Kingdom.

In Black Clover Chapter 313, the deciding moments of each member’s fate is depicted by Yami recruiting them into the Black Bulls. No other brigade has the majority of their mages brought in by untraditional methods. Asta was probably the only mage who was picked from the magical knight selection in the beginning, aside from maybe Noelle. The bond the Black Bulls share with their captain is typical plot armor that other characters from various series have also showcased, so this heartwarming reunion only begs the question: is Yami’s story nearing its end?

Yami’s own origin has always highlighted how he was seen as a troublemaking foreigner with dangerous magic. His dark magic made others fear him, but those who actually understood the affinity of magic were drawn to Yami’s uniqueness. It's what drew in those he considers important to him, and caused them to impact his growth as a magic knight.

Morgan even points out how Yami is able to understand troubled individuals better than anyone else -- because he can relate to their disconnection from society. The fact that Yami knew the other brigade captains were going to prioritize selecting the best prospects for their own teams clearly portrays the kind of leader he was destined to be. He didn’t pick the outcasts because they were troublemakers, he picked them because their hearts were troubled, and needed the right guidance.

The bond between the Black Bulls has now surpassed all the boundaries of the other brigades because they actually admit their love for their captain. It will be what allows them to surpass their previous limits, and no other magical knights have done this. As things stand, the Black Bulls share the strongest team camaraderie.

Up to this point in Black Clover, every member of the Black Bulls has expanded their previous limits in some way. Yami’s trademark catchphrase to “surpass your limits” has been the group's mantra since their existence, but is there a limit no one is willing to go to in order to protect those they love? It almost seems like the current arc is setting up an intense battle that will push Yami to his limits, and become the catalyst of sacrifice needed to defeat the Devils.

If Yami was to die, Nacht would most likely take over as captain. At this point, they are all willing to do whatever they must for their captain, and he would do the same. It’s hard to envision the leader of the Black Bulls dying, and the magical knights who can save those from near death are still around. It would push Black Clover forward, and allow other characters to take the mantle of leader. At this point, all that's certain is there is now a true ray of hope at the end of all the darkness.

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