Black Clover: [SPOILER]’s Death Is the Reason the Black Bulls Exist

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Black Clover Chapter #287, “Day of Atonement,” by Yuki Tabata, Taylor Engel and Annaliese "Ace" Christman, available now in English from Viz Media.

Chapter #287, “Day of Atonement,” of Black Clover confirms that Nacht took on the image of Morgen and reveals the reason for Yami forming the Black Bulls brigade. Morgen’s life impacted both him and Nacht to the point that it changed their outlooks on life. Morgen's magic affinity was Light, but he also embodied the very concept -- bringing those around him out of the shadows.

Morgen was the black sheep of the Faust family. And yet, his untimely death led to the creation of the Black Bulls, inspiring Nacht’s mission to hide as an undercover mage. Here are some of the key moments highlighted by the latest chapter concerning Morgen’s relationship to Nacht and Yami, and how his life influenced the current battle against the devils.

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Morgen’s love for Nacht and his belief in Nacht's good heart are the main reasons why the vice-captain of the Black Bulls is still alive. Mogen knew his family was experimenting with forbidden devil magic but decided to not intervene until his hand was forced by the attempt to summon Lucifugus. Nacht was a genius in the art of devil magic, but Lucifugus was too powerful, and Morgen sacrificed his life to protect his older twin brother.

Morgen’s death affected Nacht more than he anticipated, and it occurred simply because Morgen was a pure and honest person who never judged Nacht’s actions. The fact that an innocent and loving person died in the arms of someone deceitful and shallow-minded sparked a realization within Nacht. Morgen’s death was Nacht’s ultimate regret. Now, he is atoning for his failure to protect his brother by protecting others at the cost of his own life.

Yami was originally an outcast, like Nacht, but was shown the way of the Magic Knights because of Morgen. Yami and Nacht were the original troublesome duo, but Morgen’s piercing light struck again and inspired Yami to join the Grey Deer brigade. Yami and Morgen became a dynamic team amongst the Magic Knights, and again, the combination of light and dark prevailed over everything else. Yami’s decision to start his own brigade probably came from a conversation he had with Morgen about starting one together. Knowing Yami, he probably offered Morgen the captain but Morgen instead opted for vice-captain, which ultimately leads to Yami offering the position to Nacht.

Yami starting his own magic brigade and Nacht becoming its vice-captain were how they coped with Morgen’s death and paid tribute to his spirit. Yami taking in other outcasts from magical society mirrors how Morgen extended his hand to aid Yami when he was a young delinquent. Yami never judged anyone on their magical abilities, but rather, on their heart and spirit.

While Nacht claims to hate Yami, he actually hates selfish evil even more. Nacht’s reason for hating Yami stems from the fact that he pretty much forced him into becoming the vice-captain of a magical brigade, which stands against everything he believed in prior to Morgen’s death. Taking on Mogen’s appearance and working from the shadows could have been a precaution to protect him from other knights that might be looking for survivors of the Faust family.

Morgen’s death changed both Yami and Nacht’s lives, but it was needed to put an end to the devil threat. Without the Black Bulls, Asta would have never gotten the opportunity to surpass his magical limits under a powerful captain’s watch. Also, Nacht wouldn’t have been able to continue his research on devil magic without interruption if not for Yami’s trust in him. And ultimately, without Yami or Nacht, Asta would have never been able to understand and form a successful devil union with Liebe. Morgen was Yami and Nacht’s light. His death allowed them to share their own light with others in the Black Bulls brigade.

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