Best Horror Films to Watch on Shudder in May 2022

May marks the transition into spring, and while Shudder might not be bringing flowers, it's certainly delivering on gore and comedy. Along with original films like The Twin (May 6) and The Sadness (May 12), the horror streaming service continues with the Cursed Films II docu-series and Season 4 of the highly beloved (and anticipated) The Last Drive-in with Joe Bob Briggs

Although May's line-up might not be as exciting as last month's "Halfway to Halloween" celebration, there a still some hidden and not-so-hidden gems arriving on the platform. So, here are the best films and series arriving on Shudder in May 2022.

Eli Roth’s History of Horror Makes Its Season 3 Shudder Debut

Eli Roth's History of Horror is basically mandatory watching for hardcore genre fans. Via star-studded interviews and film clips, Roth and his many guest stars delve into the nitty-gritty of select horror movies pertaining to a particular subgenre. Even horror fans who think they know everything about the genre are sure to walk away with new knowledge and perspective. While Season 3 already dropped on AMC back in October 2021 (and September for AMC+ subscribers), it finally makes its debut on Shudder. This season's topics include Sequels (That Don't Suck), Infections, Psychics, Apocalyptic Horror, Holiday Horror and Mad Scientists, with interviews ranging from Cate Blanchett and Vanessa Hudgens to Jennifer Tilly and Rob Zombie.

Season 3 of Eli Roth's History of Horror lands on Shudder May 1.

Goodnight Mommy Brings the Terror and Chills

Directed by Veronika Franz and Severin Fiala, Goodnight Mommy is an Austrian psychological horror film that has a way of wiggling under the skin. The film follows two twin boys who move to a new house after their mother receives face-changing cosmetic surgery. Sure, the premise sounds simple enough, but don't be fooled. Goodnight Mommy offers an original twist and chills that are sure to stay with viewers long after they've finished the film.

2014's Goodnight Mommy drops on Shudder May 1.

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre Sequels Swing Into Shudder

While last month brought John Carpenter's Halloween sequels to the streaming platform, May says "goodbye" Michael Myers and "hello" Leatherface. While Shudder already has Tobe Hooper's 1974 classic The Texas Chain Saw Massacre in its library, it will be joined by The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 and Leatherface: The Texas Chainsaw Massacre III. While it's certainly not as maligned as Texas Chainsaw 3D, Texas Chainsaw Massacre III struggled to find an audience outside of hardcore TCM fans. Still, it's worth the watch, along with The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2, which is a pretty darn good sequel with a strong cult backing. Afterward, fans can swing over to Netflix to check out 2022's divisive legacy sequel Texas Chainsaw Massacre to form an opinion for themselves.

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 and Leatherface: The Texas Chainsaw Massacre III hit Shudder on May 1.

The Babadook Expertly Uses Horror as a Metaphor

The Babadook is an Australian psychological horror film that also dropped in 2014. Directed by Jennifer Kent in her directorial debut, the film generated a lot of buzz and critical acclaim upon its release -- and for good reason. It follows a single mother who struggles with her son's behavioral issues and his persistent fear of the titular Babadook after her husband's violent death. However, what makes The Babadook unique is its deeper, metaphorical story, which explores grief, mental illness and the struggles of being a single parent. As such, viewers who watch the film expecting a simple ghost story will likely be disappointed.

The Babadook makes its way to Shudder on May 2.

Popcorn Turns a Movie Theater Into a Slasher Hot Spot

1991's Popcorn delivers a plot expected of slashers: unsuspecting teens get picked off at a movie theater during a B movie marathon. However, it's also an ingenious, little gem that offers a black-comedy take on the horror genre itself. Perhaps Popcorn's best moments involve the films-within-the-film, which include titles like Mosquito and Attack of the Amazing Electrified Man, that act as witty homages of the sci-fi and horror films that came before it. Popcorn is no Scream, but it's worth the watch for genre fans looking for something off the beaten path.

Popcorn arrives on Shudder May 9.

Brain Damage Is a Horror-Comedy From the Director of Basket Case

From the director of cult-classic Basket Case, Brain Damage is a horror-comedy that many consider an allegory for addiction. It follows a young man who becomes addicted to psychedelic jolts from an eel-like parasite that has attached itself to his brain stem, but he must feed it human victims in return. And yes, it's just as wonky and bizarre as it sounds. However, this is to be expected from self-proclaimed exploitation film director Frank Henenlotter, whose ultimate goal is to deliver rude movies that shock.

Brain Damage slithers into Shudder's library on May 16.

The Found Footage Phenomenon Spotlights the Subgenre's Unique History

Unlike the majority of the entries on this list, Sarah Appleton and Phillip Escott's The Found Footage Phenomenon is a documentary that -- as one probably guessed by the title -- chronicles the origins of the found footage subgenre. As a subgenre, found footage is a divisive one, with many either hating or loving it. Regardless of one's stance, though, its impact on horror cannot be denied. From more infamous installments like Cannibal Holocaust and The Blair Witch Project to commercial successes like Paranormal Activity and Cloverfield, this documentary spotlights it all. So, while The Found Footage Phenomenon is a must-watch for found footage fans, it's also recommended viewing for film buffs and genre fans in general.

The Found Footage Phenomenon arrives on Shudder May 19.

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