Berserk: Griffith’s MBTI Personality & How It Defines the Hawk Commander

The story of Berserk is a dark fantasy epic written and drawn by the late Kentaro Miura, and it largely centers around the tense and dynamic relationship between the mercenary swordsman Guts and the ambitious, charismatic Griffith. Both men have strong and distinct personalities, and those personalities can be described in greater detail with the Myers-Briggs test.

Griffith's unique personality, worldview, and ambition drove him to rise to the top of his world, and he has come a long way since his days of gazing up at the castle as a street urchin. In fact, it could be said that Berserk's entire plot is possible solely because of Griffith, and his MBTI personality type makes this vividly clear.

Griffith's MBTI Type: ENTJ-A, The Commander


Griffith's MBTI type is the Commander, with the code ENTJ-A. Griffith is fairly Extroverted, in that he often forms connections with other people to get ahead. The N is for Intuitive, meaning Griffith is always seeking future possibilities with his strong and creative imagination, rather than fixating on the immediate reality around him. Further, the T stands for Thinking, meaning a Commander like Griffith tends to rely on clear and concrete information to make their decisions. J is for Judging, where a Commander will prepare ahead of time and make predictions of the future, rather than take life as it comes. A, meanwhile, stands for Assertive, meaning Griffith is absolutely confident in his own abilities and goals. Rarely, if ever, does he suffer self-doubt or alter his methods to suit other people. He is resolute. All this comes together to form a calculating and results-oriented personality well-suited to military and business leaders, just like Griffith the mercenary leader.

As a whole, the ENTJ personality type, is known for its gifts of leadership and charisma, hence the name. ENTJ-A's aren't very emotionally connected to those around them, which sets them apart from Defenders and Mediators, but they can still bring out the best in other people if their carefully-wrought plans come to fruition. Commanders are the cousins of the Architect, or INTJ, except that a Commander like Griffith is more willing to interact with people and achieve results in a cohesive and effective team. An ENTJ won't necessarily become friends with those teammates, but a Commander does know how to smartly make use of people and bring about change via group efforts.

Commanders also tend to be ambitious and optimistic, and they know what they want and how to get it. They enjoy the challenges that come with working alongside a team and don't think small or settle for second-best.

Griffith As A Commander In Berserk

Griffith expressionless

Ever since his boyhood, Griffith has been a classic ENTJ Commander, but with a villainous twist. By nature, no MBTI personality type is "good" or "evil," but some, such as Architect and Commander, can make for some of the most effective and powerful manga/anime villains of all, and that includes Griffith. He was born into poverty, and like many anime villains such as Dio Brando, Griffith longed to escape the frustrating shackles of obscurity and became someone powerful. At the time, Griffith didn't have any knights under his command, but he did dream big, like a true ENTJ. He longed to have his own kingdom and worked his way there one step at a time.

During the Golden Age story arc, Griffith was an exemplary Commander, literally. He led the Band of the Hawk with charisma and skill, and everyone adored him as their leader, from the massive Pippin to the ultra-loyal Casca, who viewed Griffith as a savior. Griffith knew how to charm his way through the Midland royal court and inspire trust in others, but deep down, Griffith was thinking only of himself. As a villainous ENTJ, he saw his knights and allies as tools, not true friends.  He regretted their deaths in battle not on a personal level, but in terms of losing assets. A dead soldier cannot help him get that kingdom he longs for.

Griffith's cunning and calculating side soon took over, and he used the Egg of the King to summon the God Hand and take his place among them as a villainous Commander. He was ready for this moment, and he allowed every other Band of the Hawk member to pay for it in blood. Griffith was reborn as Femto, and he was reincarnated later in the Conviction arc as himself, ready to rule. He created a new Band of the Hawk and took on the mighty Kushan Empire so he could both rescue and rule the world as a sort of god-king, the immortal Hawk of light. Now that's a Commander.

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