Berlin Police Called to ‘200 Person Rave’ But It Was A Livestream

Police in Berlin were called to the city’s Magdalena Club at the weekend after a concerned resident got in contact with a report of a suspected illegal party.

The woman called the emergency number 110 at around 9:30pm on Saturday to inform police she was watching a dance music live stream on Facebook with 200 people in attendance, as Mixmag reports.

In response, the police gathered a large number of officers and headed to the nightspot in Friedrichshain, where they heard the muffled sound of loud, bass-fuelled music coming from inside and promptly surrounded the building.

After ringing the front door, someone came to open it and invited the officers inside to view the ‘party’, which was an internet live stream with no guests present beyond the people playing and running the stream.

The only audience were online viewers on Facebook, with the viewer symbol in the top left hand corner indicating more than 200 people were tuned in, which the police caller had mistaken for real life attendees inside the building.

After this realisation, the police left the club and allowed the virtual party to continue.