Berlin lifts nightclub ban for the double vaccinated

A court in Berlin has eased nightclub restrictions for the vaccinated, and those who have recently recovered from COVID, as Mixmag reports.

August 20 saw an official change in restrictions, meaning that access to clubs will now be made available to those who have been double-jabbed and those who have recently recovered from COVID, though a negative test will not guarantee entry to a club in the city.

The court case was centred around a Berlin venue owner who was suing the government over initial restrictions. RBB reported that the rules are “likely to be disproportionate” given that only the vaccinated and recently recovered are set to benefit from the change.

The last change in restrictions in Berlin came on June 18, with outdoor events resuming and alcohol bans being scrapped for venues.

While accepting that it was unfair to prohibit vaccinated and recently recovered individuals from clubbing any longer – the court argued that a negative test does not protect others. An appeal can be made to the Higher Administrative Court of Berlin-Brandenburg.