Ben Aboulafia Forms Emotional Connections Through Music

DJ and producer Ben Aboulafia makes music that goes beyond a catchy beat. His melodic techno tracks inspire a deep emotional connection with his fans. Listeners understand and appreciate Aboulafia’s love of music just from hearing his tracks. A rising star in the techno and electronic music community, Aboulafia creates music that channels emotions while making people want to dance.


Aboulafia aspired to become a DJ and producer because of his own emotional connection to music. He saw how transformative and personal music could be, and resolved to create that experience for others. His interest in electronic house music led him to specialize in producing melodic techno. Between performing at festivals and making his own music, Aboulafia has become an exciting artist to watch in the field. His latest release, “Best DJ in the World,” impressed fans and gained significant popularity on social media. With a popular track on Spotify, Aboulafia was ready to announce the release of his second album.


The Day We Met, Aboulafia’s sophomore project, was released on May 31, 2024. It is available to stream on all major streaming platforms, including Spotify and Apple Music. The eight-track album includes titles like “Whispers of Time,” “The Legend of Fiski,” and “Bagels and Lax.” Aboulafia’s fans will undoubtedly be excited to hear the follow-up to Deal With the Devil, another eight-track project released earlier this year. His work ethic and drive to put out music quickly is commendable. The Day We Met also features album artwork with Aboulafia’s signature style, a smoky grayscale abstract look that harnesses the emotional resonance of his music.


With this new release, Aboulafia is looking toward the future. He has already had a long journey in the music industry, but he is ready for the next step. Aboulafia hopes to perform at prolific festivals across the globe, taking his fame and sound worldwide. DJing for crowds of like-minded EDM fans is a dream come true for Aboulafia. Hearing his fans recall anecdotes that illustrate the emotional impact of his music is a highlight of his career. Listening to those heartfelt stories makes Aboulafia feel certain that he has accomplished what he set out to do. Traveling around the continents, playing music, and gaining new fans will only spread that message further.

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In addition to headlining festivals, Aboulafia aspires to start his own record label. As an artist with niche interests and a unique sound, the DJ knows all about how difficult it is to find one’s footing in the music industry. Having his own label will give him complete control over the intricate artistry of his music and ensure that he can make the type of music that he and his fans adore. Aboulafia would also be able to uplift the voices of other up-and-coming EDM artists. He is a producer as well as a DJ, and his expertise in producing melodic techno will be an asset to other acts his label signs. Enriching the EDM community and helping new artists find their place in the industry are Aboulafia’s goals.