Beastars: Season 2’s Bloody, Emotional Ending, Explained

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Season 2 of Beastars, now streaming on Netflix.

Season 2 of Beastars finds its main protagonist, the wolf Legoshi, trying to ensure his carnivorous side at Cherryton Academy never gets out of hand. He's worried another mauling will occur, similar to when someone killed the alpaca, Tem, in Season 1. Unfortunately, Legoshi is not emotionally stable as he figures out how to move forward and get the white rabbit, Haru, to love him.

Just as Legoshi starts getting a handle on things, he's assaulted by Tem's killer for snooping around the murder mystery too much. It leads to him training with the panda at the Black Market, Gouhin, to catch the killer, culminating in a bloody yet emotionally liberating finale for the second season.

Legoshi Fights Tem's Murderer

It turns out Tem's fellow drama club member, Riz, ate him in a very shocking arc. Riz stopped using drugs that would suppress his bear power and devoured Tem, but Legoshi figured it out from his scent. Unfortunately, the white sheep, Pina, overheard their arguments and the Beastars finale has Riz kidnapping him to lure Legoshi into a fight.

The two brawled before but the school bathroom sequestered them, so this time, under the train bridge is deemed the perfect spot where they can free up and be their true predator selves. Sadly, the scrap doesn't go according to plan as Legoshi is brutally wounded by the bear. The government knew Riz's species would become alphas and possibly monsters, hence why they mandated the drugs.

But without taking them, the apex is coming out in Riz, something Tem sensed a while back which scared him and caused Riz's hunger to activate. Oddly enough, Riz and Legoshi chat it out a bit mid-fight, with Riz admitting he didn't go berserk, after all -- he happily devoured Tem as he felt this was nature's order.

Louis Makes a Return

The red deer, Louis, arrives to save Legoshi, returning after running the Shishi-Gumi Lion Gang all season. He was helping them make money in the Black Market by selling herbivore meat after killing their leader, as he wanted to become a gangster. Louis lost himself to the darkness because the lions almost killed Haru, and when Legoshi saved her, his ego took a hit.

But he quickly took on the lions' offer to lead and improve the business, as this could have given him the power needed to change society and fix carnivore/herbivore relations. Luckily, Legoshi ran afoul of his gang and when they kidnapped the wolf, he planted the seed that Cherryton needed Louis' intelligence again.

However, it requires Louis to make a huge sacrifice as he drives off with the second-in-command, Ibuki, who didn't want him to leave. He became a father figure to Louis and as he tries to devour the deer, Free, another general in the gang, kills Ibuki. It's Ibuki's way of being set free as he didn't want to go back to a cruel carnivore-only squad, and he had instructed Free to kill him if he lost it and tried to eat the deer. Louis goes free and heads off to meet Legoshi, knowing he can't ever return to the Black Market.

Louis Powers Legoshi Up

As they hide from the rampaging Riz, Legoshi is scolded by the deer. Louis has accepted they're friends and doesn't want Legoshi going back to war. The wolf thinks this is their nature as carnivores but after Ibuki's sacrifice to let Louis go, the deer doesn't believe in predestination. Free will take over and won't be hunted, so Louis learned both herbivores and carnivores can coexist in Beastars' world.

Louis then offers up his leg to feed on to bring out Legoshi's monstrous side. It's the leg that had a brand from when Louis himself was sold in the Black Market, so he wants the emotional pain removed. A grateful Legoshi abides, eats it and goes off to fight Riz, who's glad to see Legoshi in berserker mode. Riz views them as equals but ends up being thrown off as Louis, without a leg, cheers his buddy on.

Riz finally realizes his beliefs were wrong and that he didn't have to eat Tem, with the fight ending as Legoshi lands a blow to the chest. He lets go of his misguided destiny, and while Louis can't forgive him for murder, he does apologize for the drama club not seeing that Riz felt like he was alone. There were hints Riz liked Tem but was afraid to be gay, so Louis' words are consoling for the bear.

Legoshi's Next Move

Thankfully, Riz was only holding Pina as bait so when Pina escapes his binds, the sheep calls the cops. A regretful Riz confesses to everything, finally grasping the deeper meaning in the food chain, and it looks like he'll face life in jail for breaking the devouring laws. He might be repentant but his urges, plus breaking the rules by stopping his meds, have made Riz a public threat and liability to the political landscape.

Legoshi later goes free as Pina and Louis vouch for him, hoping Riz can find some measure of peace down the line. Thankfully, in the weeks that pass, Louis heals up and can let go of the Black Market, being held as a meat slave, and Tem's death. Solving the case and getting justice is what he's wanted for a while, so he can properly bond with Legoshi as well.

In the end credits, Legoshi's sitting with Haru, watching the sunset as he admits he's looking to drop out of Cherryton to explore more of the world. He's locked in an existential crisis and wants to work more with Gouhin, who specializes in reconditioning carnivores to go back into society without hunger urges. Having experienced it himself and reconciled what Louis and Riz endured, it feels purposeful. Haru is annoyed though, and Beastars Season 2 ends with them arguing as she jokes that she'll be looking for a boyfriend if the wolf is gone.

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