Beastars: Legoshi and Haru Still Don’t Work as a Couple

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Season 2 of Beastars, now streaming on Netflix.

Season 1 of Beastars spent time forging a friendship between the grey wolf, Legoshi, and the smaller white rabbit, Haru. He was clearly in love with her at Cherryton Academy, but she was working through her own flaws with the arrogant red deer, Louis. Yet somehow it didn't feel like Legoshi and Haru had any emotive connection in terms of romance, as he was too scared to make the next move with her, while she didn't make him feel loved enough.

They ended up coming off like an awkward couple, and after Season 2 of Beastars, they still don't make sense as there's not much one-on-one time dedicated to them really dissecting their love.

Beastars Haru

Most of Legoshi's time in Season 2 is spent training to solve the murder of Tem, the alpaca from his drama club. This was lightly touched upon last season and while it's great to have it in focus, Beastars could have balanced it with Legoshi and Haru.

Instead, we get a couple of scenes with Legoshi still being afraid of moving to the next level with her. The thing is when she brings up that she's over Louis, the series then shifts the dynamic to the wolf getting distracted by Tem's case. Sadly, in 12 episodes, they can't seem to sit for one and iron out their feelings once and for all.

The fact Louis is absent from school, running the Shishi-Gumi lion gang in the Black Market, really creates the opportunity for this. More so, Legoshi's training with Gouhin has him honing his inner Hulk, a scary carnivorous predator, by training with meat, so more interactions with Haru would have tested his resolve so perfectly.

This would have made the twist later on where Louis dreams of Haru and she calls him via phone more palatable. Instead, it's out of the blue, which lacks drama and impact. If Haru and Legoshi were involved more seriously or had consummated their relationship and then fallen out, inserting Louis back into the equation would have created a lot more tension. Instead, by not doing much with Legoshi this season, Beastars fans are concerned with her and the deer even more. When the wolf says he may quit and Haru retorts by indicating she will seek a new boyfriend, it doesn't resonate as we've not seen any affection between the two.

Some romantic dates would have placed this into better context. Instead, Haru's hanging out with Sheila, a cheetah, and learning more about carnivore-herbivore dynamics, which would be better discussed with her and Legoshi, who's gone vegan to tame his beast.

This would also complement her bonding with the wolf, Juno, who hates how two studs in the deer and wolf fought over someone as shy as Haru. Fleshing this out would also prove she's ready to move past the school shaming her for perceived promiscuous ways. It was set up so well to explore their identities, sexually and non-sexually, as well as their age and size differences, but this potential for interspecies love ends up being wasted to the point that Beastars Season 2 can easily exist without Haru.

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