Beastars FINALLY Solves Its Tragic Murder Mystery

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Season 2 of Beastars, now streaming on Netflix.

Season 2 of Beastars deviates greatly from the first season, which mostly dissected the love triangle between Legoshi, Haru and Louis. The wolf and deer hated each other as they both loved the white rabbit, but now, with Louis in a gang and Haru still torn over her feelings, Legoshi is spending more time investigating what happened to his drama club buddy, Tem. Beastars began with the alpaca being eaten, but thankfully, Legoshi is now able to solve the tragic murder mystery.

Legoshi is accosted early on by the snake guard, Six Tails, who tells him to use his strength, power and predator skills as a grey wolf to crack the case. It'll be easy for Legoshi to infiltrate other classes and get students to talk, so he's the right man for the job.

Later at night in the courtyard, Legoshi and blindsided and beaten badly by the killer who's trying to cover his tracks. However, he does pull off one smart move in biting the villain's jaws, trapping his saliva and smell in his scent vault. The problem is, Legoshi can't unlock it as he's never eaten meat, so he can't think like an alpha. He ends up training in the Black Market with the panda, Gouhin, and as he captures carnivores for his teacher to recondition to be peaceful, Legoshi starts becoming more attuned to his senses.

It leads to a stunning moment when he and Riz (a giant bear) escort a wounded classmate to the doctor after another carnivore-herbivore incident. By this time, Legoshi can smell that Riz is the perpetrator, which makes sense as Riz stayed low-key in Beastars Season 1's arguments. The bear admits he did it, but it's confusing as he's so kind and gentle. However, in a split second, his mass increases and he becomes a furry Hulk threatening to eat Legoshi to keep the murder secret.

As it turns out, bears are mandated by the government to take pills to suppress their power, size and such, but Riz stopped taking his when Season 1 began. He and Tem were close, bonding and really understanding each other, but Riz started to break emotionally. He felt confused because, apart from possible romantic feelings, he also thought carnivores were meant to eat herbivores and felt he was just bucking destiny and nature through these meds.

As such, Riz stopped the drugs but a scared Tem realized it -- in an altercation, blood was spilled. Tem sadly called Riz a monster, ending with him devouring the alpaca and fleeing the scene. As Beastars rolls on, Riz crafts his own story about Tem gifting himself up as a sacrifice to strengthen Riz, just as the world intended. This sadistic perspective paints Riz as delusional with Legoshi telling him he's a murderer, not someone who gave a mercy killing.

Ultimately, Riz would fight Legoshi and set up a meeting for them to finish it once and for all. Pina, the sheep, overheard too and Riz makes it clear, he'll kill anyone for ratting. Sadly, Pina gets nabbed as bait so it's clear Riz is a psychopath. But rather than go to the cops, Legoshi is hoping to beat some sense into him first so he can avenge his friend and show the bear the light, akin to the work he did with Gouhin.

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