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Beastars is set to return in 2024 for its third and final season, which will stream via Netflix!

Source: Beastars Twitter

Director Shinichi Matsumi and screenwriter Nanami Higuchi will be returning for Season 3. Orange, the studio that produced previous seasons, is also credited for the new season.

Based on Paru Itagaki's manga series, Beastars is set in a world of anthropomorphized animals. While carnivores and herbivores exist in the same society, the vicious murder of an alpaca sets off unrest between the two groups at Cherryton Academy, the school of protagonist Legoshi.

The first season of the TV anime aired in October 2019, with the second following in January 2021.

Beastars' third and final season streams via Netflix in 2024.

Source: Beastars Twitter