Beastars Creator Set to Premiere New Manga Series

Beastars's second season has just debuted on Netflix, but series creator Paru Itagaki is already preparing a brand new manga series.

According to Crunchyroll, Itagaki will debut her new series Sanda in the next issue of Weekly Shonen Champion, which will be released on July 21. While her previous series focused on anthropomorphic herbivores and carnivores, her new manga will be told from the perspective of human characters. The author initially teased the existence of a new series on Twitter, before officially releasing illustrations of the new manga's cast. Despite the characters no longer being animals, Itagaki's signature art style is still evident in the designs.


The series tells the story about a world in which the birthrate has drastically declined, and how that affects the lives of the children and adults who live in it. The debut chapter will be 48 pages long, and the series will feature special fully-colored pages for the first three weeks of its serialization. Itagaki's latest manga will be published in the same magazine that handled two of her previous series, Beastars and Beast Complex.

The popular manga series Beastars was published for four years before concluding in 2020, after which Itagaki took a brief break. The author then returned with the short series Bota Bota, which was serialized in Weekly Manga Goraku until its final chapter on Feb. 19. Sanda is Itagaki's fifth serialized manga. Additionally, she has released two one-shot manga stories, White Beard and Boyne and Manga Noodles.

Season 1 of the Beastars anime debuted in Japan in October 2019, with an English dub being released through Netflix in March 2020. Fans of the series initially had some reservations about the show's use of 3D CG animation, but the first season received an overwhelmingly positive reviews. Season 2 was released in Japan in early January, and was one again released on Netflix in early July.

Source: Crunchyroll

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