Batman’s Newest Villain Was Trained by a Major Justice League Member

Angel Breaker, Batman's mysterious new villain and accomplice to Talia al Guhl, was trained by Black Canary and will soon cross paths with her former teacher in DC's "Shadow War" crossover.

DC announced Shadow War Zone #1, a new one-shot that features several different stories tying into the ongoing "Shadow War" event. One of the stories, "Old Friends," focuses on Black Canary and her curious connection to Angel Breaker, who made her first appearance in Shadow War: Alpha #1. The synopsis for the story reads, "Black Canary crosses swords with her protégé, in “Old Friends,” written by Shadow War: Alpha, Batman and Deathstroke Inc. writer Joshua Williamson, with art by Otto Schmidt (Green Arrow). Black Canary is on the hunt for Deathstroke following the death of Ra’s al Ghul, to bring him to justice before Talia al Ghul’s assassins get him first. Unfortunately, one of those assassins is her best and former student, Angel Breaker! Who is this deadly killer and what’s her history with Black Canary? This showdown has major ramifications for Black Canary in Shadow War: Omega #1, on sale May 31."

Batman's Newest Villain Was Trained by a Major Justice League Member

In Shadow War: Alpha #1, Angel Breaker is leading an army, the Devil's Shadow, on behalf of Talia, who is seeking revenge against Deathstroke/Slade Wilson after he seemingly murdered her father, Ra's. While the issue later reveals that Slade might not have actually done so and somebody may be impersonating him, Angel Breaker and the Devil's Shadow still come crashing through his window declaring "death to Deathstroke!" In Batman #122, Wilson and his son manage to survive the attack; however, the Devil's Shadow kills a number of Wilson's associates and destroys the building he was hiding out in before the two escape.

Shadow War: Omega #1 will mark the conclusion to DC's "Shadow War." The synopsis reads, "THE SHADOW WAR'S EPIC CONCLUSION! The shocking finale of the Shadow War! Lives have been lost. Heroes and villains have fallen in battle. And now the real mastermind behind the Shadow War has been revealed. But they are far from done! Batman and Robin are all that's left to put a stop to their real plans. Can the father-and-son duo work together to save the day? Events in this issue lead directly into DC's next big summer event!"

Shadow War Zone #1 features main cover art by Jonboy Meyers, with variant covers by Howard Porter and Leirix. The one-shot is available for pre-order now and releases May 17 from DC.

Source: DC

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