Bad Bunny Laments the Quarantine Life With New Song ‘En Casita’

The best music is music that captures a fundamental truth about the human experience, and the fundamental truth of Bad Bunny’s new surprise track is that, unless you’re already quarantined with your lover, no one can meet up for *** due to the self-isolation guidelines around COVID-19. Them’s the rules, and Bad Bunny is here to help you deal with them.

The Puerto Rican rapper dropped “En Casita,” which features vocals from his girlfriend Gabriela Berlingeri, this weekend. “I wanted to see you, but it’s not going to be possible,” the lyrics sadly explain, according to the English translation over at Genius. “It’s time for me to stay at home (home).”

Puerto Rico issued particularly strict quarantine guidelines on March 15, issuing a 9:00 p.m. curfew for non-essential workers. Reflects Bad Bunny, “I don’t want to die, or break the law/ But be stuck here, until May 16th.” Oh boy, well, here’s hoping come May 17, everyone will be able to sprint to each other’s apartments. If not, maybe he can update the song to June 16. Or July 16 or…