Ayashimon: [SPOILER] Barely Survives Their Meeting With the Chairman

Warning: The following contains spoilers for Ayashimon Chapter 6, "Do Not Say His Name" by Yuji Kaku, Adrienne Beck, Brandon Bovia, available in English via Viz Media.

The chapter opens at a large, traditional-style home where Hashihime had been taken after being captured by the Syndicate at the request of Chairman Doppo. Doppo apparently considered himself an artist and is shown to be working on a large, graphic piece of a woman. Doppo addressed Hashihime and explained that he had been informed that Urara and Maruo have entered Shinjuku undocumented. Usually, he wouldn't pay any mind to something like that, but something about the situation bothered him. He then went on about the renovations that Shinjuku Gyoen Greenhouse underwent a few days ago, something that was unplanned and unscheduled until then. Given that Hashihime is the guard for that area, she is naturally suspected of the incident, which she denied.

This didn't convince Doppo, who revels when someone is lying and hiding their fear. He explained that he loves anything horror-related and found it amusing how humans have found ways to create fear within themselves. This inspired his own artwork, but he claimed that he hasn't "instilled enough fear" in his works. He then turned the conversation back towards Hashihime, saying that he also hadn't instilled enough fear into her.

Doppo confronts Hashihime

She continued to deny any knowledge or involvement in the incident, but Doppo told her he isn't planning on killing her. It wouldn't do any good since Ayashimon can't really die anyway. Instead, he introduced her to his "art collection." In reality, it's a collection of various Ayashimon whose bodies have been mutilated to the point they live in constant pain without dying. He planned on adding Hashihime to his collection with her lungs intact because he liked the sound of her voice. His assistant Mizuha confirmed that as long as money is given to her body, she'd remain alive even when her body has been mutilated.

Hashihime pointed out she has always been loyal to the Enma Syndicate, mentioning Chairman Kioh, which angered Doppo further. He told her to never say that name in front of him, though he played this off as "kidding." Their conversation was cut short, however, when Number 11 of the Onmyo Bureau appeared, saying that the new generation of the Syndicate has questionable taste in terms of Doppo's "collection." He had paperwork in regards to a discussion they had a few days before.

Doppo shows off his art collection

Number 11 also warned Doppo about starting a war between gangs, as he has had members of the Syndicate gathered outside during his meeting with Hashihime. Doppo pointed out that he thought the Bureau liked to take a hands-off approach when dealing with fights between Ayashimon. Number 11 confirmed this, but only to a certain point. The discussion seemed to set something off in Mizuha, who attacked Number 11 unprovoked. After Number 11 dodged, another member of the Syndicate tried to crush Number 11 under his large hand. Doppo chastised them for this, but Number 11 is unharmed on the ceiling.

One of the other members pointed out that Number 11 had a barrier up during his meeting, saying it "must be against the accord." He then asked if Number 11 intended on starting an "Aya grudge" with the Syndicate, but 11 just said that it was for his own safety and nothing else. He returned to his conversation with Doppo and presented him with photos of the two undocumented entrants. He took this moment to disappear completely and leave the meeting. Doppo looked at the photos but is unimpressed with both.

Doppo puts out a hit on Urara and Maruo

He then presented them to Hashihime, but she continued to deny knowing either one of them. She went on to say that the whole thing is a mistake. Doppo was still suspicious. Mizuha asked if they should kill her, but Doppo declined. He knew that the previous Chairman had complete trust in her and that she knew things that even Doppo doesn't about the organization. He told them to forget about Urara and Maruo and to have Hashihime transferred from her position at Shinjuku Gyoen.

He then walked outside where members of the Syndicate are waiting. He apologized for having them come so late and thanked them. He gave a speech denouncing how gangs conduct themselves nowadays, namely the Todoroki Alliance, Kori Hotels, B-Stars' Clubs, and the Onmyo Bureau. He went on to say that they needed to remind everyone who they should fear and puts out a hit on Urara and Maruo first. He ordered his men to find them and kill them, shocking Hashihime.

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