Ayashimon Chapter 5 Gets Bureaucratic – and Urara Is Worse off for It

Warning: The following contains spoilers for Ayashimon Chapter 5, "A Rare Breed of Human" by Yuji Kaku, Adrienne Beck, Brandon Bovia, available in English via Viz Media.

In the aftermath of Maruo's assault on the Ayashimon gang boss, the latter was confused as to how he was on the floor. Maruo told him to hurry up and stand up, but Amamehagi refused, saying he was going to lie there until he had recovered. The underlings then explain that in a one-on-one fight, there's no time limit. Frustrated, Maruo punched the floor next to Amamehagi's head, angered that he isn't getting the fight he wanted. Unfortunately, his punch had more force than he intended and the floor crumbles beneath them.

Maruo comes out unharmed, but Amamehagi is crushed by a large slab. Urara is more upset about how the office was now destroyed, but everyone else cheers for Maruo. They offer him drinks and are celebrating, confusing him. Urara explains that yokai are amoral and will celebrate anything, treating the Ritual Duels like a festival. Ten also congratulates Maruo on his victory, saying he was like a manga protagonist, which elates Maruo. Before joining the others for drinks, Maruo tells Urara that he likes the Ritual Duels and that he would be happy being her bodyguard for the rest of his life.

Urara suspects Maruo is a Morebito

Despite the celebration, Urara becomes suspicious of why Maruo is so strong. He shouldn't have survived that fall if the yokai didn't. She starts to believe that Maruo is actually a marebito, a rare type of human that is born once every few generations. Some of Japan's most legendary warriors were believed to be marebito, and Maruo could be the next one. She hopes that he will be able to go against the Executives of the Syndicate.

Urara then walks off and finds the files that the gang kept. She deduces that since they focused on phone scams, the gang should have a list of phone numbers for most of the places in Shinjuku. She hopes that by using these files she can figure out the power structure of the city. Flipping through the files, she learns that the current Chairman of the Enma Syndicate is a man named Doppo Akari. With this new knowledge, she starts making plans to set up a new office and use Hashihime to gather insider knowledge. Then, once she's gained enough trust to share sakazuki cups with a top executive, Urara and Maruo will come in during the ceremony and challenge Akari to a Ritual Duel. After that, Urara can then reclaim her family crest and get revenge for her father's death.

the Onmyo Bureau plots against the Enma Syndicate and the Urara Family

Suddenly, she becomes aware of the silence in the building. When she goes out to check on the group, she sees that they're frozen in place, as if time itself has stopped. Standing on the ceiling, a man introduces himself as a member of the Public Safety Police, Onmyo Bureau. He explains that they had detected a fight at the cafe earlier and that if it had been a Ritual Duel, they wouldn't really be interested in investigating. He asks Urara if she made the hole in the floor, and suddenly she's thrown to the floor. A woman joins the man, calling Urara a monster, and orders a strange creature to restrain her. She then threatens to either gouge out Urara's eyes or even kill her since the Onmyo Bureau has clearance to do so. The man, Number 11, pleads with his partner, Number 4, to go easy and call off the Shiki. He doesn't want to escalate things any further, mostly because he doesn't want to fill out the paperwork that would come with that. After the Shiki disappears, the two leave with only giving Urara a warning. Despite how easy she got off, Urara panics about how quickly the rumors will spread and she determines that she and Maruo need to leave now.

Outside, Numbers 11 and 4 are reporting to someone on the phone, saying that Urara and Maruo don't seem dangerous, but that Urara's aura seemed off. They then discuss leaking information to the Enma Syndicate. This way, the two groups will deal with each other, leaving the Bureau out of the equation.

The next chapter of Ayashimon will be available on Sunday, December 19th. 

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