Audius Awards Showcase Highlights of 2021 In Blockchain-Based Streaming

Like most blockchain-based protocols, Audius boomed to new heights in 2021, netting nearly seven million monthly listeners. To celebrate, the community is recognizing the platform's many highlights with the advent of the Audius Awards.

Clayton Blaha, Audius’ Head of Partnerships, touted the meteoric user acquisition and artist adoption as big wins for the platform as Audius aims to carry momentum. 

"Like many communities in crypto, 2021 was pretty insane for Audius," Blaha said. "The network saw tremendous growth in terms of users and it launched some amazing product features and partnerships. More and more artists are using the network to get their music out and to connect with fans directly; it’s inspiring to see folks who began their careers on Audius go on to play festivals and really build fanbases. I think the Audius Awards will help carry that energy into 2022."


In total, the Audius Awards considered the "best of" across numerous unique categories: Best EDM Song, Best Bass Song, Best Rap Song, Best DJ Mix, Best Artist, Best Emerging Artist, Best Playlist On Audius, Top Label On Audius, Best Track / Album Art, and Most Active Community Presence.

The top five recipients in each category will receive a special "Silver Audius Awards" NFT, and every community member who voted will receive a participation NFT. Check out the community's top five selections in each category below.

Best EDM Song

Zedd - Squid Game & Do It To It Edit
camoufly - told u so
Skrillex - Kliptown Empryean
Steve Aoki & 3LAU - Jenny
Andy Caldwell - Pulling Every String

Best Bass Song

Bass Nation - Anthem III
Million Records: Archelli Findz - Umbrella
SUB FOCUS:  John Summit - Deep End Remix
Partica Artist Group: Frankenstein (23-Artist Mega Collab)
acloudyskye - Daze

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Best Rap Song

Allan Kingdom - Reasons
thugbirdz - Thugbirdz rap contest (Produced by P Doc)
Mr. Carmack - BUBBLIN' Remix
Hannibal Buress - Cheers (Produced by Brian Babylon)
MadeinTYO - Chucky Cheese

Best DJ Mix

Minnesota - Bicycle Day Mix Vol. 4
RL Grime - Halloween X
RAC - North Beach DJ Mix
Brownies & Lemonade - Netsky (LA Live Set)
n0zero - n0mix#008

Best Artist


Best Emerging Artist


Best Playlist On Audius

Audius Playlists - Lo-Fi Nights
Trap Nation - Trap Nation
Byte - Lofi Chillhop Beats
Broz Rodriguez - Dance Latino
SPICYCAKE - Tasty Alley

Top Label On Audius

Phuture Collective 
Electric Wave 
Partica Artist Group 
Trap Nation

Best Track / Album Art

Million Records: BYRAM - Close to me
3LAU - Faces
Powfu - .xxxx.xxxx.xx.xxxx
RL Grime - Halloween X (Live at the Hollywood Palladium)

Most Active Community Presence

Phuture Collective
Broken Blythe
Audius Playlists
Greek LoFi Community