Attack on Titan’s Final Season Blu-ray Box Art Revealed

Attack on Titan's Final Season Blu-ray box art has officially been revealed.

The official Attack on Titan Twitter account announced the release of Volume 1 of the final season, alongside photos of the Blu-ray set's jacket design and developmental artwork. The set features a watercolor case drawn by key animator Tomohiro Kishi, which centers on prominent Marley characters like Reiner Braun and Zeke Jaeger, while the inner volume jacket is decorated with Titan artwork. A storybook and full-color developmental design book are also included within the Blu-ray set.

The Attack on Titan set also includes a CD filled with extras. Included content ranges from a production process video to dramatic readings of short stories that follow Levi, Hange and other Paradis soldiers. The stories featured in the audio dramas are adapted from the additional short story booklet that was previously included with the Season 3 Part 1 Attack on Titan manga box set.

The Attack on Titan Final Season Volume 1 Blu-ray set will contain episodes 60-67 and has a price tag of 19,800 yen, or roughly $180 USD. A DVD option is also available. The set will be released July 7 and is available through Mappa's official site, Animate, and select retailers.

Source: Twitter

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