Attack on Titan: Zeke’s Controversial Plan for Eldia’s Future, Explained

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Season 4, Episode 10 of Attack on Titan, "A Sound Argument," now streaming on Crunchyroll, Funimation, Amazon Prime and Hulu.

Pieces are finally coming together in the final season of Attack on Titan, including the tentative plan on how to move forward in regards to Marley and Eldia's relationship. During a very pivotal conversation in Season 4, Episode 10, "A Sound Argument," Zeke Yeager's plan for Eldia's future is fully revealed -- and it's quite daunting. It's comprised of three main points that, when fulfilled all together, would ideally create a lasting survival for the Eldians both on Paradis Island and back in Marley. Let's take a more in-depth look into Zeke's plan and break down the key points.

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As revealed by Kiyomi Azumabito in a flashback scene, Zeke's plan is divided into three main points, the first being a test run of The Rumbling -- the cataclysmic event of unleashing tens of millions of Colossal Titans onto the world. This test run would be concentrated on Marley before being potentially unleashed onto the rest of the world. Utilizing a test run of The Rumbling serves two primary purposes.

Firstly, it would be a real show of force for Paradis Island. Right now, the world believes unevolved and unorganized devils inhabit the island. When compared to the rest of the world's modernity, this isn't an inaccurate assessment on the whole. But this show of force would change that perception; The Rumbling would prove what Paradis is capable of.

Secondly, this would effectively deter Marley from attacking the island directly, especially after being the most probable chosen location for the test-run. Even the might of their military, air force and navy would be no match for millions of Colossal Titans.

Attack on Titan wall titans rumbling

Zeke's plan's second aspect is smart and straightforward: modernizing and strengthening Paradis' military and overall infrastructure. Though we still don't fully understand Zeke's motives, this is a good strategy for Paradis for their survival. Now that they've seen what they're up against, it is clear that Paradis is behind in the times, and to be of any use, they will need to boost several things about their society.

Their military will be the first to change. Up against modern weapons such as anti-Titan guns and full naval fleets, Paradis Island needs to match that. Horses and the cavalry are an outdated and easily defeated strategy, and while their ODM gear is useful, it needs to be upgraded to match what Marley has to offer. Paradis is essentially bringing a knife to a gunfight, which does not bode well.

Attack on Titan Season 4 Historia

The final piece of Zeke's plan is a surprise to most people, including the Scouts. He wants to ensure that future Titan inheritors are produced as soon as possible, so he has chosen Historia to inherit the Beast Titan from him after she has created as many children as possible. Eren has been fighting this whole time so that Historia didn't need to be sacrificed for him to use the Founding Titan, and now Zeke is suggesting that she will be sacrificed for the greater good but only after breeding like livestock.

The idea behind this is that it ensures Paradis Island's survival for at least another 50 years, allowing many citizens capable of inheriting Titans to be born. Also, Historia is of royal blood, so she is the most important in having children because all of her descendants will have her royal blood and be able to use the Founding Titan and Beast Titan most effectively. In the present day, it's revealed that Historia is currently pregnant, whether that's according to the plan or her own volition is unclear.

Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 8 Eren Zeke

Zeke's plan is involved and, at times, seemingly unethical. He takes plenty of liberties towards the people of Paradis, considering he sacrificed his parents in a betrayal of what he is now apparently fighting for. While his motives are still very unclear, his plan is concise and seems to lead to a better, brighter future that will restore Eldia to its own nation. Will his plan be brought to fruition, now that Historia is pregnant, or will the Scouts revolt and try to take a less sacrificial path towards freedom?