Attack on Titan: Why Porco’s Jaw Titan Is Stronger Than Ymir’s

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Season 4, Episode 7 of Attack on Titan, "Assault" and Episode 8, "Assassin's Bullet," now streaming on Crunchyroll, Funimation, Amazon Prime and Hulu.

Season 4 of Attack On Titan has spent a lot of time in its more recent episodes on the new and improved Jaw Titan, which repeatedly attacks Eren Yeager's Attack Titan. During this clash, it becomes very evident that Porco Galliard's new Jaw Titan is much more powerful than the previous version, which was held by Ymir. There are multiple differences in both appearance and abilities that set the two versions apart.

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Episode 7, "Assault," really highlights these differences by showing Porco's Jaw Titan at maximum fighting capacity against Eren. In fact, the more he fights, the more obvious it is that Porco's Jaw Titan stands more of a chance against the Attack Titan than Ymir's ever did.

Ymir's Jaw Titan had a vastly different appearance to Porco's. Firstly, it was quite small, with its head being its largest feature. While it had long hair (similar to Ymir herself) it had no other external protection against damage. It had to rely on its speed to avoid an attack, instead. In addition, like the War Hammer and Cart Titan, it was held by a woman but had no discernable female characteristics, especially in comparison to Annie's Female Titan. Rather, its main features were its incredible jaw and sharp claws, signatures of the Jaw Titan.

Ymir also wielded the Jaw Titan with an almost reckless abandon, letting her emotions dictate how she fought. Her attacks were ferocious and vicious, fuelled by her strong reactions to the given situation, especially if Historia was involved. Though her ferocity was useful for her allies at times, it's because of this that the Survey Corps, who were more organized, were able to fight against her effectively.

In contrast, Porco's Jaw Titan is much more in control of its attacks, whether that's due to Porco's military training as a Warrior in Marley or because of his own personal willpower. His Jaw Titan even looks more menacing with its long, mane-like hair and armored face. In Episode 7, we see how powerful its jaws actually are when Eren uses it to crush the crystal that holds the War Hammer Titan holder, Lara Tybur. Within seconds its jaws pulverize the crystal, shattering it into hundreds of shards.

Porco's Jaw Titan also has a more muscular form that evidently gives it an increase in physical power. All of this amounts to a stronger Titan than Ymir's version. But why is there such a massive difference? There are really only two possible explanations for this. One is that each Titan form molds to the willpower of the owner, as previously touched upon. This would mean the fundamental differences between Ymir and Porco as individuals would be the deciding factor. If this is the case, then the argument could be made the Porco is in better control of his willpower and overall, more disciplined.

The second possibility is that Porco is a better Jaw Titan because, again, he was actually properly trained to use it as a Marleyan Warrior. This would give him a distinct advantage and an increased level of comfort when in his Titan form, as opposed to Ymir who stumbled onto the Jaw Titan purely by accident, and who had to figure everything out on her own. Porco's military training would have also taught him basic strategies for combat and self-defense, giving him a more practical application of the Jaw Titan. Ymir got all of her training from the 104th Training Corps, which even at its best, is still from an isolated nation with no historical knowledge passed down about Titan Shifters. Between Marley and Paradis, one clearly has a better-developed military and understanding of Titans.

While it is obvious that Porco's Jaw Titan is vastly more powerful than Ymir's, Season 4's Episode 7 puts him in quite a bind by the end of the end. Eren rips off all his limbs, leaving just the head to shatter the crystal so that Eren can consume the War Hammer Titan. Even with all of Porco's advantages, the only way he escapes Eren's onslaught and gets away from the Survey Corps alive in Episode 8 is thanks to Reiner's Armored Titan. No doubt, once he recovers, Porco will be out for blood again, perhaps revealing even more of his potential.