Attack on Titan: Who Is Porco Galliard, the New Jaw Titan?

Now that the final season of Attack On Titan is airing, all of the Nine Shifter Titans have finally been revealed (minus one, as of the time of writing). Among these is one that fans are familiar with from earlier seasons -- the Jaw Titan. But the premiere of Season 4 introduced a very different looking Jaw Titan. So, what's the deal with the sudden change? Here is what we know so far about the new holder of the new Jaw Titan.

Fans will recognize the Jaw Titan from previous seasons of the anime when it was held by Ymir. But after her noble departure from Paradis Island somewhere between Season 3 and Season 4 of the anime, we discover she was killed in Marley and eaten by Porco Galliard, the younger brother of the former Jaw Titan holder, Marcel.

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Marcel Galliard was one of the Warriors sent to Paradis Island along with Reiner, Bertolt and Annie. But Marcel's mission was tragically cut short when he was eaten by Ymir in her Pure Titan form, allowing her to regain her humanity and inherit the Jaw Titan.

So far, Porco hasn't been giving off the greatest impression in the Attack on Titan anime. We know that years before, when the Marleyan military decided to choose the next inheritors of the Titans, Porco wasn't chosen to receive the Armored Titan -- instead, Reiner was, much to Porco's distaste. We've been shown flashbacks from Reiner's perspective that prove Porco was never very nice to him, treating him with condescension because he had no discernible talent. So when Porco wasn't chosen to receive any Titan while his brother and Reiner were, it stung an extra bit. In addition, Porco stayed behind in Marley while the others were sent to Paradis Island.

Porco's demeanor seems very stern, moody, and condescending. He always seems to be in a foul mood, despite his talent on the battlefield as the Jaw Titan in Season 4, Episode 1. Although this all seems to paint Porco in a negative light, it is still clear that he cares deeply for his fellow Warriors and the fate of Marley, and is willing to sacrifice much for these things. This makes him an intense and outstanding Warrior.

Attack on Titan Jaw Titan Season 4

Porco Galliard's iteration of the Jaw Titan has many physical differences from Ymir's. Most noticeably is its face -- surrounded by long, blonde hair and covered in a harder skin, almost like a mask. Of course, its mouth is the largest feature, with the Titan's signature front teeth and massive jaw. It also looks like the hard armor-like skin on its face is also on its knuckles and fingers.

Ymir's Titan looked very different. It was quite small compared to other Titans and had a dark appearance. Unlike Porco's blonde hair, Ymir's had stringy black hair and small black eyes. In addition, Ymir's version had fang-like teeth and claws, making its appearance quite horrific at times.

Though we are just getting to know Porco, there seems to be more left to unpack before the story wraps up. With most of the final season of Attack on Titan still before us, more details will be revealed about the stern Porco and his ever-strong Jaw Titan, hopefully to the character's redemption.