Attack on Titan: Titans Clash in Latest Final Season – Part 2 Art Drop

The latest Attack on Titan art drop from animation studio MAPPA focuses on the battle between titans and another look at Survey Corps soldier turned queen, Historia.


The new images capture two moments from the Episode 80, "From You, 2000 Years Ago," which premiered on Feb. 6. The first image is a key frame from the anime, which depicts Historia Reiss as a child, as she happily reads a book. The second image released comes from animator Roge Sukesabu, who drew another look at the brutal brawl between the Founding and Attack Titans that was glimpsed at the beginning of the episode.

The new images are the fifth pair of art from The Final Season - Part 2 to be released by MAPPA. The prolific animation studio has promised to release new illustrations alongside the premiere of every episode in the show's final half season. Previous art drops include portraits of the anti-Marleyean rebel Yelena and her extremely meme-able face and a family portrait of Grisha Yeager and his two sons, Zeke and Eren.

The highly anticipated Attack on Titan: The Final Season - Part 2 premiered in Japan and on international streaming services on Jan. 9. While the final chapters of Hajime Isayama's original manga were met with a notably mixed reception from critics and fans alike, the anime adaptation of that story remains as popular as ever, with a market research firm naming the series the "most in-demand show of 2021." The amount of fans who attempted to watch the first episode of the half-season on its premiere date were enough to briefly bring pull anime streaming service Crunchyroll offline, as the company's servers were overwhelmed by the massive influx of viewers.

Crunchyroll has since recovered and subsequent episodes of the series have premiered without causing any major service outages. The series will also soon be available on network TV thanks to Toonami, who announced that it will broadcast the series as part of its newly revamped late night weekend schedule. Toonami broadcast the first half of The Final Season in Jan. 2021.

In addition to Crunchyroll, the simulcast of the series is also available on Hulu and Funimation, which is producing the English dub of the show. The English dub of The Final Season - Part 2 is set to make its streaming premiere on both Funimation's own streaming service, as well as Crunchyroll, on Feb. 13.

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