Attack on Titan: The War Hammer Titan, Identity & Powers, Explained

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Season 4, Episode 6 of Attack on Titan, "The War Hammer Titan," now streaming on Crunchyroll, Funimation, Amazon Prime and Hulu.

Episode 6 of Season 4 of Attack On Titan provides a long-awaited reveal. The War Hammer Titan is introduced as a counter to Eren Yeager's unprompted attack on Marley, and we finally get to meet the holder of the Titan, Lara Tybur. We also get our first look at the War Hammer Titan's powers and its main weakness. Based on what we know so far, let's break down who Lara Tybur is and how she wields the extremely unique War Hammer Titan.

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War Hammer Titan Attack on Titan
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Lara Tybur is the younger sister of the now-deceased Willy Tybur. We really don't know too much about her yet, as we only see her in human form for a few brief moments. What's nice is that we at least get to know her name in the anime -- in the manga, she's known only as "Willy's sister," which is a little unfair considering she's a holder of one of the Nine Titans. Her inheritance of the War Hammer Titan was kept a tight-lidded secret, even within the Tybur family, so not much is known as to why she was chosen to inherit it or who she inherited it from, at least, so far.


Lara's War Hammer Titan is certainly something to behold, though. At first glance, it seems unclear what its powers precisely are, but that's what is so interesting about its unique abilities. Upon closer inspection, we can tell it has a hardening power that not only coats its entire body but can also form any conceivable item, weapon or structure, as demonstrated during the battle between Eren and Lara in Episode 6.

The War Hammer Titan really makes quite the entrance. Manifesting from the ground up, first, it creates a spike that pierces Eren through the chest. Then it makes a large hammer to smash down the spike. It has a form very similar to an athletic human body, so it moves with ease and dexterity, making its attack movements seamless. It then creates spikes all over the ground, making it difficult for Eren to move around. Afterward, the War Hammer Titan makes a bow staff, a crossbow and a whip to further break down Eren.

It is clear that the War Hammer Titan has near-limitless potential in terms of what it can do in battle, making it a very dangerous opponent for Eren. Lucky for him, he's paying attention. He notices, after Mikasa's failed attempt to remove its nape, that the base of the War Hammer Titan is at the end of an umbilical-like cord, encased in a hard crystal. This is where Lara Tybur lies and this is the War Hammer's ultimate weakness; its holder rests not within the protection of the Titan, but separate and vulnerable.

Overall, Season 4, Episode 6 of Attack On Titan gives us a lot of new information about the final member of the Nine Shifter Titans. We've only just begun to see its true capabilities and already its very holder is threatened by Eren's plan to eat her, still encased in her protective crystal. All we know for certain is that we haven't seen the last of the War Hammer Titan, and the best may be yet to come.