Attack on Titan: The Nine Shifter Titans, Ranked by Power

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Season 4, Episode 6 of Attack on Titan, "The War Hammer Titan," now streaming on Crunchyroll, Funimation, Amazon Prime and Hulu.

Now that the War Hammer Titan has been revealed in Season 4, Episode 6 of Attack On Titan, anime watchers now know who all of the Nine Shifter Titans are. Better yet, we've seen them all in action showcasing their various powers and abilities. Some have pure physical power while others have a more creative edge that gives them the upper hand.

So, having gotten some idea of what each of these unique Shifters can do, let's rank them by their power levels, from least to most powerful, and see which ones could wreak the most havoc in the rest of the final season.

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The Cart Titan

What the Cart Titan lacks in physical power it makes up for in agility, speed and usefulness. Its quadrupedal form allows it to move very quickly and efficiently, which also gives the Jaw Titan plenty of endurance. It can carry weapons and supplies on its back, so it can still be used as an offensive tactic for the military.

Equip the Cart Titan with a big gun, like in Season 4, Episode 1 "The Other Side of the Sea," and you've got something as intimidating as the Armored Titan, just a little bit more versatile. Though it doesn't have tons of physical power, it more than makes up for it with its other capabilities.

The Female Titan

While the Female Titan is certainly one of the most versatile of the Nine Shifters, it relies more on endurance rather than physical power. What it does have is incredible muscle definition, which means it's super agile and great at long-distance runs or sprints.

Its biggest asset, however, is in its hardening ability, similar to the Armored Titan. This hardening covers a lot of its body and more importantly, can be used to protect the holder in the event that they are separated from the Titan. It's not the most powerful Titan, but it certainly has its uses and is a great feather in the cap of the Marley military.

The Jaw Titan

Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 6 Attack Titan Jaw Titan

The quickest Titan of the Nine Shifters, the Jaw Titan combines power with speed. While its jaw is definitely its most powerful feature, its speed is what makes it lethal. Though Porco Galliard's iteration of the Jaw Titan looks different from Ymir's, it doesn't lose any of that speed. When you combine this fact with its powerful teeth and claws, the Jaw Titan easily becomes a very powerful enemy to have, and downright frightening at times.

The combination means the Jaw Titan can take a bite out of you and move away before you even notice. While it's still not the most physically powerful, the Jaw Titan can turn the tide of a fight with a snap of its jaws.

The Beast Titan

The Beast Titan has a massive amount of muscles and unstoppable throwing power, but it comes at the cost of the Titan's size and bulk. We've seen the Beast Titan absolutely destroy its enemies by throwing objects, most recently in Season 4, Episode 1, "The Other Side of the Sea," when it decimated the Mid-East Allies' naval fleet by throwing chunks of a destroyed wall at them.

The Beast Titan's arms are clearly overpowered but overall, the Shifter only has this one dangerous physical ability -- besides being able to turn Eldians into Pure Titans with its spinal fluid. Its heft restricts any additional physical power, making its movements slower and heavier, which is why a fighter like Levi Ackerman can sneak up and almost bring it to its knees.

The Armored Titan

Attack on Titan Season 4 Jaw Armored Titans

The Armored Titan is a powerhouse that is unfortunately encumbered by its armor -- more to its detriment than to its advantage. Still, it's a powerful Titan overall, and when combined with the heavy layers of armor, the Armored Titan becomes something to be feared. We've seen the Armored Titan use its signature ability to full advantage, running full-force at Paradis Island's inner walls in Season of Attack on Titan to bust a hole through it. Its armor protects it while its muscle does the work.

Unfortunately, the Armored Titan is awkward and a little slow, like the Beast Titan, and we've seen it be defeated multiple times at the hands of Eren and the Scouts as a result. While it is still pretty tough, it is an obstacle that can be strategically surmounted.

The Attack Titan

The Attack Titan has been featured in action the most throughout the anime, and there's no denying its raw power. While it doesn't have any natural physical abilities like most of the other Titans, its motivation is what makes it incredibly powerful. Its anger and rebelliousness are what propels the Attack Titan onward, so it makes sense that it always fights until it's on its last legs.

The Attack Titan fights primarily for freedom, and thus far in Attack On Titan, the Eldian people have experienced very little of this, meaning that we get a limit-breaking fighter with well-rounded physical abilities, who is also pretty adaptable. There's a reason the Attack Titan has survived almost every fight, even against enemies that are way more powerful than it.

The War Hammer Titan

Only recently introduced to anime watchers, the War Hammer Titan already seems incredibly powerful. Though we've only seen it once (at the time of this writing), its full range of abilities was put on display as it clashes with the Attack Titan. The War Hammer Titan has a hardening ability similar to the Armored Titan or the Female Titan, but it can be used limitlessly.

Any conceivable item, weapon or structure can be made on the fly from the white, hard armor. In Season 4, Episode 6, for example, the Titan creates a bow staff, a crossbow and a whip, among other items. As long as the holder has a creative imagination, the War Hammer Titan can create items to combat any other Titan. Its only real weakness is the fact that the holder is separate from the Titan, making it extremely vulnerable and open to attack, as Eren demonstrates when he discovers its hiding place in the episode.

The Colossal Titan

The most daunting of the Nine Shifter Titans, the Colossal Titan is exactly that -- colossal. Its sheer size makes it overpowered to almost a fault. How do take down something that can crush entire neighborhoods with a few footsteps? Its ability to produce steam from its body is also an excellent defense tactic, as we saw in Season 3, Episode 16, "Perfect Game," when the Scout regiment battles the Colossal Titan, along with the Beast Titan.

While its power is definitely difficult to combat, its size makes it and its movements quite slow, which gives the Scouts lots of time to adjust their line of attack.

The Founding Titan

Rod Reiss' Titan Form Attack on Titan

From what we know of the Founding Titan in the anime so far, it's hard to judge its full range of powers. While the physical power of this Titan is implied when Rod Reiss unleashes it in Season 3 with the intent of breaching the walls. Though it was mostly on its belly, we can tell it stands at almost double the height of the Colossal Titan.

As for its true power will lie in its abilities, those are more of a mystery. We know that the Founding Titan can create or summon Titans, like the Colossal-like ones that built the three walls on Paradis Island, but how far can it extend its control? There's still a lot to be answered about the Founding Titan and what it's actually capable of in the Attack on Titan anime, but we do know that if it can control and make tens of millions of Wall-sized version of itself, it's the most dangerous Titan of them all.