Attack on Titan: Sasha Blouse’s Best (and Meatiest) Moments

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Season 4, Episode 8 of Attack on Titan, "Assassin's Bullet," now streaming on Crunchyroll, Funimation, Amazon Prime and Hulu.

Since the onset of its final season, Attack on Titan has strayed away from its central cast within the Survey Corps. This has changed in recent episodes as the group has managed to launch a successful surprise attack on their enemies in Marley, taking down several Titans in the process. Unfortunately, it wasn't until the Survey Corps' retreat that their first major loss happened in the form of Sasha Blouse's assassination.

One of the earliest characters to join Eren in his journey, Sasha's death is one that proves heartbreaking to all those that stood by her. With this loss, let's look at her best moments in Attack on Titan to remind us why she was both a fan-favorite and a pivotal character for the Survey Corps and the anime as a whole.

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'Potato Girl''s Introduction In Attack On Titan

Following the Fall of Shiganshina arc, which has become only more horrifying on reflection, viewers were immersed in Eren's hatred and trauma as he prepared to join the 104th Training Corps. On his first day, however, Sasha emerged, snacking on a stolen potato as she stood to attention. This shocked all the other recruits, and also us as viewers, who were thrown off by such an unexpectedly comedic moment. Amid the darkness, Sasha's antics in search of a full stomach would soon become a constant source of joy and amusement for everyone around her.

Of course, when she was caught by the instructor, Sasha's attempt to bribe the man with slightly less than half of her potato failed spectacularly and she was forced to run for five hours, only regretting her continued hunger. This was an iconic introduction for the character, one that even Marleyan Eldians would go on to discuss around the dinner table when Reiner brings it up in the series' more recent episodes.

Sasha's Failure in the Supply Room

Upon their graduation, Sasha was ranked ninth in her class and was one of the new recruits to be stationed at the top of Wall Rose when it was attacked by the Colossal Titan. In the midst of the onslaught of Titans, Sasha and other recruits were forced to enact Armin's plan to lure the Titans within the compound's supply room and promptly slaughter them. This was essential if they were to refuel and continue the battle for survival. Unfortunately, Sasha failed to cut her Titan's nape deep enough and was nearly killed by the vengeful beast until Mikasa stepped in to finish the job.

While this may not appear to be one of Sasha's best moments, it was one that proved foundational to the trust that she placed in her teammates and her own fears and insecurities within this world. This moment was an early failure for Sasha, one that would make her coming victories and choice to join the Survey Corps all the more inspiring.

Sasha's Origin as a Hunter

During another battle, Sasha also reflected on her past and revealed a very different life to those that had been raised within the cities. Coming from a family of hunters and taught to hunt by her father, Sasha had been born a predator. Using the lands that constituted the Dauper Village, folks like these took what they needed from their land and did nothing to cultivate it or transform the pristine nature around them.

Yet, when evacuees from beyond Wall Rose moved into their area, Sasha and her father disagreed on how to handle these new arrivals. Desperate to continue their own lifestyle and prevent the village from changing, Sasha would decide to join the military in order to ensure its survival. Her status as a hunter would enable her to become a vital member of the Survey Corps.

Sasha's Titan Takedown

As already mentioned, Sasha's first major encounter with a Titan did not go so well. Later on, when Titans emerged behind Wall Rose, Sasha was forced to ride to her village alone, without any ODM gear, to warn her village. Coming upon a house, Sasha was placed in a desperate situation as she shielded a young girl from a Titan that had already consumed her mother, losing her horse in the process.

Armed with only a few arrows and sending the little girl away, Sasha used this battle to overcome her fear and steel her resolve against the monsters that surrounded her and her people. Although she didn't kill the Titan, she did manage to blind it in a head-on charge, reuniting the girl with her father and the villagers, and leading them to safety. In this battle, Sasha fought alone and won.

Any Scene Involving Sasha and Meat

Finally, Sasha's greatest moments have always been those that involved her favorite food: meat. At times, Sasha would steal meat from the officers and share them with her fellow recruits, strengthening their bonds and friendships. At other times, when meat was provided to them, Sasha would be just as dangerous as a Titan to her comrades in order to sate her hunger.

Regardless, these moments of levity were joys for both her friends and Attack on Titan viewers. And as these moments brought such levity, her final words, reminding us of her constant desire for meat, prove all the more heartbreaking.

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