Attack on Titan Heads to Call of Duty in New Crossover Event

Attack on Titan's Levi Ackerman has joined Call of Duty.

Activision revealed a new item pack for Call of Duty: Warzone and Call of Duty: Vanguard that lets players take on the appearance of the Survey Corps.' deadly squad captain. The main highlight of the new item pack is a skin for operator Daniel Yatsu that gives the sniper Levi's distinctive hair cut and Survey Corps. uniform. The bundle also contains three blueprints for weapons inspired by Hajime Isayama's bleak fantasy epic: the Historia, a close range firearm, Ymir's Curse, an assault rifle with minimal recoil, and finally, the Titan Piercer, a set of twin knives modeled after the Ultrahard Steel Swords used by the series' heroes to slay the titular monsters.

The item pack also includes an emblem featuring the Survey Corps. logo, a weapon charm modeled after the key to the Jaeger family's basement and a sticker of a hot potato, a subtle reference to the show's beloved food hoarder, Sasha Blouse. The item pack also features new MVP highlight and intro animations, as well as a finishing move that recreates Levi's distinctive fighting style. The Attack on Titan themed item pack will be available for purchase on Jan. 20 for $19.99 USD / £16.79.

The new crossover is being done in part to promote the upcoming finale of the acclaimed anime series. The highly anticipated second half of Attack on Titan's final season premiered on Jan. 9, and so many people logged on to watch the episode the moment it premiered that the surge in traffic temporarily overwhelmed the servers of anime streaming service Crunchyroll. The series' final episodes will be streamed through Crunchyroll, Funimation and Hulu. The final set of episodes will adapt the remaining chapters of Isayama's original manga, which came to a controversial end in early 2021.

Call of Duty's developers also recently announced the details of the game's January 2022 update, which will include a new operator, Isabella, new additions to Vanguard's Zombies mode, and a new SMG-style weapon.

The new updates were announced as members of Raven Software, who worked on Warzone, as well as other Activision-Blizzard employees entered their fourth week of strike action against the embattled publisher.  The strike is the latest employee protest at the company since July; two employee walkouts occurred in 2021 at Blizzard's main office in Irvine, CA, after the company was sued for alleged rampant sexual harassment and abuse within its offices, while another protest began on Dec. 7, when employees at Raven Software and fellow Call of Duty development studio Treyarch walked out in protest of Activision's decision to layoff 12 members of Raven's QA team.

Source: Call of Duty official website

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