Attack on Titan Fans Are Obsessing Over Eren, But How About Armin’s Glow-Up?

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Attack on Titan Season 4, Episode 14, "Savagery," now streaming on Crunchyroll, Funimation, Hulu and Amazon Prime.

Ever since the final season of Attack on Titan began airing, fans all over the world have been obsessing over Eren Yeager's drastic change of appearance. His innocent and charming boyhood is gone, replaced by a dark, apathetic persona that doesn't even care whether he wears a shirt or not. That, in combination with his newly acquired man bun, makes Eren the talk of the town.

But what about Armin? Although he isn't the protagonist, he's undergone a pretty rapid transformation as well that is being talked about now, as the season is drawing to its close.

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Gone are the days of Armin having the worst hairstyle in anime history. The final season of Attack on Titan has ushered in the best version of the character, both aesthetically and personally. It's ironic then that he's the least talked about in terms of transformation. While the younger members of the Scouts have undergone slick redesigns, including Eren's infamous man bun and Mikasa's new cropped hairstyle, Armin has flown relatively under the radar. But as of the preview for Season 4, Episode 14, he is now is all the rage.

Several fans took a particular screenshot from the preview and shared it across social media, commenting on his new appearance (even though he's looked like this for 14 episodes), as evidenced in the tweet below.

While the screenshot is particularly striking, it sets Armin up in a new light that has been hitherto unseen, especially when in direct comparison with Eren. Other Twitter users also share this newfound amazement with Armin.

It's clear that fans have begun to notice Armin's glow-up. While these reactions are based solely on his updated appearance, it goes to show that sleek redesigns make a big impact, particularly in an anime's final season.

Eren's drastic transformation was probably more noted by fans because of his amount of screen time. Armin, on the other hand, has been less involved in Season 4 so his appearance hasn't taken on a major role. But let's give credit where credit is due. Armin's glow-up turns him from an unsure teenager into the looks of a decisive man. He holds himself differently too -- whether that's from now carrying the burden of the Colossal Titan or the world's dire circumstances is difficult to say. Especially since Eren's path is now firmly set, Armin will draw more attention on screen as he is pitted against his former best friend.

Armin's new appearance shows us that his internal development will ready him for whatever obstacles Eren and Zeke put in front of him, and that he's more willing to take action than he was before. This was already evidenced in Season 4, Episode 14 when he launches himself across a table at Eren, fists flying, ready for a fight. This new, improved Armin may be the last hope for Eldia's true survival against the Jeagerists who are now hellbent on building a new political system based around Eren. While fans are enthused by his new appearance, Armin's change is really more internal than external.