Attack on Titan Fan Creates Real-Life ODM Gear That Actually Works

While Titans thankfully still aren't real, Attack on Titan fans now have a firsthand glimpse at what Omni-directional mobility gear looks like outside of the manga and anime.

HeroTech's YouTube channel released a video showing a working ODM/3D Maneuver Gear, described as "modeled from scratch and solid works in Autodesk Fusion 360." The gear parts were created using an Ultimaker PLA-style 3D Printer and combined for a show-accurate design, complete with offensive and defensive tools functioning as the Survey Corps' did.

Amongst these features included multiple blade heads that could be accessed through the gear handles using a "spring-loaded lock," and a fully functional "CO2 gas-powered" line launcher capable of firing and retrieving kevlar cables that magnetically lock onto targets.

Though HeroTech has yet to release step-by-step instructions for creating its ODM Gear, the video did come with a physical demonstration of how the final product worked. Testing out its abilities on a local bridge, viewers see the pull-out blades from the side boxes and how to replace them with new blades when broken. The user also shoots the ODM hook a photo of Zeke Yeager's Beast Titan.

The ODM gear has been a staple of Attack on Titan since the series creation, giving Paradis Island's residents a means of fast travel across forests and the Walls, while also having a fighting chance against Titans in battle. Due to the creatures only being vulnerable to napes on the backs of their necks, this weakness has made the mastery of ODM gear crucial to the effectiveness of Eren Yeager and other Survey Corps members in defeating both Titans and individuals who hold the power of the Nine Titans.

During the back half of Attack on Titan's third season and its fourth season's time jump storyline, weaponry that accompanied ODM devices was updated from simple blades to the more powerful Thunder Spears, which launch rocket explosives more than capable of penetrating heavily fortified Titan armors.

Attack on Titan Final Season Part 2 will air in Winter 2022.

Source: YouTube

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