Attack on Titan Decimates FOUR Titans in Its Bloodiest Brawl Yet

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Season 4, Episode 7 of Attack on Titan, "Assault," now streaming on Crunchyroll, Funimation, Amazon Prime and Hulu.

Episode 7 of Attack on Titan's fourth season is nothing short of a high-octane bloodbath. Any viewers that have been disgruntled about the season's slow start on foreign soil certainly will have gotten their fill of action from this latest installment of the anime, as do the Marleyan military and Warriors on the receiving end of Eren Jeager and the Survey Corps' violent intrusion.

Seemingly surrounded on all sides by their secret long-time enemy, even as Zeke Jeager's Beast Titan and Pieck Finger's Cart Titan show up to the battle in Liberio, Eren's Attack Titan -- backed up by the Ackermans and the rest of the Corps -- is an unstoppable force. Here's how each of the four Titan Shifters that take him on are dispatched.

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Zeke's Beast Titan Is Toppled By Levi (Again)

Attack on Titan Beast Titan Season 4 Episode 7

Porco Galliard (the Jaw Titan) and Pieck are elated when Zeke arrives on the scene to face-down his younger half-brother. Instantly, he makes his presence known with a spray of crumbled rock -- his signature baseball-influenced move -- that proves deadly even against the Scouts' improved armor. Luckily for Eren, however, Zeke isn't interested in fighting him. Instead, he calls out his real enemy: Levi.

The young captain already had Eren's back, quite literally, when the Jaw Titan attempted to take a bite out of his nape in Episode 6. Levi isn't so foolhardy as to rush back into a rematch with the Beast Titan, though, even after incapacitating him before in one of Season 3's most incredible fights. His moment comes when the eruption of Armin Alert's Colossal Titan at the docks incites the Jaw Titan to attack Eren recklessly. Leaving the War Chief on his own, Levi brings the Beast down while barely breaking a sweat.

The Cart Titan Is Almost Blown To Bits By The Scouts

Attack on Titan Cart Titan Season 4 Episode 7

The Jaw Titan's hasty move also leaves the Cart Titan vulnerable. The heavy artillery strapped to her back are unlike any weapon that the Islanders would have come across before, being technologically behind the rest of the world because of their isolation. What they do have on their side are Sasha Blouse's sharpshooting and Jean's Kirstien's dexterity.

Sasha's precisely-aimed bullet takes care of most of the Cart Titan's human riders and, in the confusion, Jean is able to pump Pieck full of Thunder Spears. Pieck's battered human body is only spared by two things: Falco Grice heroically standing over her and Jean, swooping in for a double-tap, losing his nerve as a result. (Don't worry, Jean -- not murdering a child is nothing to be ashamed of.)

The Jaw Titan Is Dismembered By Eren & Mikasa

Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 7

This two-on-one brawl is undoubtedly the bloodiest in Episode 7. Porco's Jaw Titan is notably more powerful than Ymir's, with a far greater mastery of its titular facial feature; plus, the sharpest claws of any Titan to match. Porco gets the best attack on Eren's Attack Titan of any of the Nine, ripping one of his arms clean off. But, when you consider the Shifters can regenerate (albeit slowly), the phrase, "'tis but a flesh wound," comes to mind.

The Attack Titan repays the Jaw Titan back in earnest as their fight continues. Porco makes a break for the Corps' airship as it arrives, correctly identifying it as their only means of escape. But with Mikasa as back-up, the adoptive siblings separate Porco from all of his limbs to stop him. Though, as previously mentioned, he can recover from such a horrific assault, the POV we get of Porco's expression, frozen in fear, doesn't lessen its impact.

The War Hammer Titan Is Eaten by Eren - Using the Jaw Titan's Mouth

Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 7 Jaw Titan

In a display of such disgusting creativity you can almost only laugh at it for fear of crying, the final indignity Eren bestows on the Jaw Titan is by forcing him to participate in the Attack Titan's cannibalization of the War Hammer. The Attack Titan already disqualified the War Hammer Titan from doing much more in combat after discovering Lara Tybur's crystalline husk attached to her Titan form. The problem is, he can't penetrate it.

One dislocated jaw later, he notices the Jaw Titan's nails leave cracks on the husk. So, after Porco's dismemberment, he places Lara in the Titan's mouth and uses its teeth as a living, breathing nutcracker, smashing the crystal and Lara's body in the process.

At this point, only Reiner Braun's Armored Titan remains in play on Marley's side in Attack on Titan's largest battlefield to date. But as the war-damaged soldier wrestles, in hiding, with whether or not he has any fight left in him, the odds appear completely stacked against Marley. If Eren wanted revenge for the events of the anime's very first episode, he's already achieved it.

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