Arrested For Playing Techno At Historical Site: Sama Abdulhadi

Palestinian techno DJ Sama’ Abdulhadi has been arrested after playing an event at a historical site in the West Bank, located between Jericho and Jerusalem.

Abdulhadi, a rising DJ name on the global circuit and a figurehead for the Palestinian scene, was arrested in the city of Ramallah on Sunday 27th December after playing an event the night before at the Nabi Musa site, where many believe the prophet Moses is buried.

An estimated 30 young Palestinians attended the party on Saturday night. Videos from the event were shared to social media, prompting anger and “accusations of desecration of the site” from some. Attendees were reportedly forced from the site after the arrival of a number of people angered by the event.

Rights groups on Tuesday demanded that Palestinian authorities free a woman disc jockey arrested after a dance event at a Muslim religious site near the West Bank city of Jericho. Find the petition here.

The event did not take place within the site’s holy shrine, as some have claimed, but in a separate area, which has previously hosted “weddings, birthdays, music and cultural events”.

Many of her colleagues are showing support.