Arifureta: Where Hajime’s Harem Stands Going Into Season 2

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Season 1 of Arifureta: From Commonplace to World's Strongest, now streaming on Funimation.

It has been said that every woman loves a bad boy. While that might be a dubious claim in the real world, it proves accurate in Arifureta: From Commonplace to World's Strongest. After being betrayed by one of his classmates, Hajime Nagumo may not have been looking to make friends on his quest to find his way home, but he certainly has accumulated a sizable cast of potential lovers.

Despite his complete apathy for the well-being of others, Hajime's edgy and overpowered persona seems to be everything that these girls want. As Season 2 is set to debut in January 2022, here's a recap of how each of Hajime's romantic interests came to join his party, along with some speculation as to who else might fall prey to his curmudgeonly wiles.

Yue the Vampire Is the Closest to Hajime's Heart - So Far

Yue the loli vampire is the main romance in Arifureta

Yue holds the prime spot at Hajime's side and is the only girl that he explicitly admits to having any affection towards. While struggling through the Great Orcus Labyrinth, this diminutive vampire was the first person the new Hajime met. Because he resonated with her own story of betrayal at the hands of her people, he helped free her from the Labyrinth's prison and gave her the name Yue, after which she instantly fell for him. They risked their lives together to complete the dungeon, causing Hajime to return her affections. Yet even with her firm place in the lead, Yue welcomes all rivals for Hajime's adoration, leading to the rest of their crew.

Shea Haulia's Pursuit of Hajime May Have Unforeseen Results

Shea Haulia is the clairvoyant daughter of the Haulia bunny people's tribal chief. She may have loved Hajime before she met him, as she preempted his arrival via foresight to recruit his and Yue's help. After he taught the Haulia clan to fend for themselves, Shea devoted herself to Hajime as the first person outside her family to see her as anything other than a monster. This resident bunny girl with a big heart may be the team's clumsiest member, but she can pack a punch in battle and is the only girl other than Yue to go on a date with Hajime.

Tio Klarus Only Inspires Indifference in Hajime

One of Hajime's begrudgingly charitable side quests led him to rescue a noble from a rampaging dragon. After defeating the creature by shoving a metal stake up her posterior, she was freed from her mind control and revealed herself as Tio Klarus, a shape-shifting member of the Dragonfolk Clan. Unfortunately, Hajime's battle tactic also awakened an abuse fetish in her, making their dynamic probably the most toxic among the main cast.

Luckily, Hajime shows little interest in fulfilling Tio's masochism obsession, but it is regrettable that she manages to get off on his indifference towards her nevertheless. Her raw power and contributions are indisputable, but hopefully, she can develop a healthier outlook in the future.

Kaori Shirasaki Is New But Promises to Fight Hard for Hajime

Having known him longer than any of his other current flirtations, Kaori Shirasaki is the only companion who hails from the same world as Hajime. After her perceived inability to protect him during the initial raid on the Great Orcus Labyrinth, Kaori was wracked with guilt over his assumed demise. Upon his return to deliver his former classmates from the onslaught of a demon, she was shocked to discover how different he had become.

Rather than see him off separately, Kaori used the last minutes of Season 1 to declare that not only would she be joining Hajime's traveling company, but that she would be competing with the others to prove that she loves him the most. She may serve as a major addition to the ensemble dynamic to come.

Possible Future Romances for Arifureta Season 2

Since the only member of Hajime's party that hasn't fallen in love with him is his adopted merfolk daughter Myu, it's likely that his pattern of stealing women's hearts will continue. The age difference with his former teacher Aiko Hatayama is unclear, but he has shown more compassion for her than any other person outside his group. The two even shared an incidental kiss when he delivered her healing fluid by mouth to save her life. While Shizuku Yaegishi, another former classmate, seems to be squarely in her best friend Kaori's camp, commentary from Kaori and Yue marks her as a romantic threat, with Yue even calling her the "last boss."

The trailer for Season 2 revealed a valkyrie-like woman confronting Hajime and company. Though neither her name nor voice have been revealed, there is the possibility that this mysterious being could become Hajime's next admirer. Should she prove to be an agent of the god Ehit, or a member of the demon race, she may start out as an adversary. Still, Hajime's ability to win women over without even trying could change that easily, no matter how convoluted a result it may be.

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