Arifureta: Dragonborn Tio’s Masochism Saves the Day Against Freid

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Arifureta: From Commonplace to World's Strongest Season 2, Episode 3, "Black and White," now streaming on Funimation.

In Episode 2 of Arifureta Season 2, Hajime was suddenly attacked with a beam of light from above as the others called out his name in absolute horror. The attack is revealed to be from General Freid Bagwa of the Demon race's army. Although he's wounded, Hajime still puts up a strong fight with the Demon army general and holds out until his mana depletes.

As he loses his power and descends, Tio sweeps Hajime up in her Dragonborn form before he hits the volcano's lava. Episode 3 is the first time Arifureta viewers see the overpowered Hajime truly incapacitated and at the mercy of both his harem and his enemies. Thus, Tio steps up and aims to save the day for her friends.

Tio Dragonborn Arifureta

While Tio watches Hajime fight Freid with his remaining strength, she has a flashback to when her father told her that Dragonborn need to survive by staying in hiding because they were now "enemies of God." This inspires her to come out of hiding and reveal herself as a Dragonborn, a last resort to defend the still-mortal Hajime from the powerful Demon general. Hajime now has ample backup, but suddenly runs out of mana and time. Because of this, he entrusts Tio to escape the volcano and call for reinforcements from Ankaji using his Cross Bit weapon.

Tio is the only person strong enough to break through the volcano's barriers and reach the town quickly. As she dodges and absorbs the attacks from Freid's dragon army, she discovers a power directly linked to her masochistic personality. It is called Pain Conversion, and it causes her stats to raise every time she receives pain. Tio laughs in pleasure as she is attacked by the other dragons, and manages to escape to Ankaji using Hajime's effective weapon. She even does enough to deal with Freid at the volcano's opening, using the Cross Bit and starting her journey back to town.

Arifureta Freid Dragons

Back in Ankaji, they hear the volcano's explosion and Kaori immediately leaves her post in the care facility to pray for the team's safe return. Meanwhile, over at the royal palace, Princess Liliana and Shizuku discuss the possibility of Hajime being branded as a heretic. Daisuke Hiyama, who tried to kill Hajime in Arifureta Season 1 and made him who he is today, had just found out that Hajime was still alive and is talking with an unseen character about obeying them in order for all their wishes to come true.

Who is this mystery character? How will they make Hiyama's wishes come true, and what will that mean for Hajime? Many questions remain as Arifureta: From Common Place to World's Greatest continues, airing every Thursday on Funimation.

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