Anime Fans Are Already Predicting Tesla Note Will Be the Next Ex-Arm

Despite its manga only running since January 2021, Tesla Note will soon have an anime series as well. The spy action-adventure series is the creation of Masafumi Nishida, who also wrote the series Tiger & Bunny. That series was very well-received and also something of a predecessor to the current wave of superhero manga and anime.

While Tesla Note's manga may have many more successful days ahead of it, the same may not be true for the anime. The recently released teaser has been lambasted for its rather jarring use of CGI, with many comparing Tesla Note to a certain notoriously awful CG abomination. Here's a look at the series so far and why fans are already crying foul on how it looks.

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Tesla Note's CG Animation

Tesla Note's first teaser trailer came out almost a week ago, providing a look at some of the characters and the plot. The story is about Mission T, a spy organization that protects the world from secretive threats. The two newest operatives are Botan Negoro, who has incredible ninja training, and Kuruma, a super spy. Together they try to outwit other nations' agents to acquire the Shards of Tesla, which are tied to famous inventor Nikola Tesla himself.

The biggest clue to the Tesla Note anime's rather rudimentary nature stems from who's behind it. While the aforementioned Nishida is certainly an accomplished writer, the same can't be said for the anime's studio. Developing the series is Gambit, which is not known for having produced any other major series, or anything at all for that matter. This certainly explains the show's visuals, which look at best like cutscenes for a video game on the Wii or Wii U. This has also caused comparisons to one of the more infamous anime in recent years -- Ex-Arm.


Ex-Arm was a manga based on its creator's previous work, Ex-Vita. It lasted for quite a few years before being adapted into an anime that was funded by none other than Crunchyroll. This monetary backing didn't result in stellar visuals, however, with the show being known instead for quite the opposite.

Ex-Arm is notorious for its absolutely horrendous CG, which was shown off in all of its stilted, outdated glory from its first teaser. The show itself wasn't any better, with its laughable animation actually leading to some potentially offensive imagery. It continued a trend of cheaply produced, shoddy anime with bad CG, making many fans resent the use of CGI in general.

Fans have been quick to compare how Tesla Note's clunky animation sadly resembles the same from Ex-Arm, which had only recently ended its lambasted first season. It remains to be seen if Tesla Note will be as infamously bad, though things could hardly look worse for its future at the moment.

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