Anime Arsenal: The Godly Power of Dragon Ball Super’s Angel Staff

Dragon Ball Super not only introduced a new tournament, new characters and new power levels to the Dragon Ball franchise but also a new weapon: The Angel Attendant's Staff. Every Angel that is partnered with a God of Destruction is seen holding their own version of the staff and uses it to perform their duties.

Each Angel is assigned a God of Destruction to teach and a universe to watch over. Once assigned a universe, they are also given an Angel Attendant's Staff, but once the universe is destroyed, their staff is taken away. Here's everything we know -- and don't know -- about the weapon.

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The Angel Staff's Origin

The origin of the staff has never been outright stated in the series but fans have been speculating on it. One such fan on YouTube, Dragon Ball Nation, believes that the staffs are created and distributed by the Grand Minister. He speculates that the staffs are "extensions of the Grand (Minister)'s power" and can replicate his abilities to a lesser extent.

In the anime, the Grand Minister can accomplish everything that the Angels have been shown to do by using only his hands, though he himself has a staff in the manga. However, considering he is the leader of the Angels, it's not a stretch to think that he creates the staffs and gives them to the Angels when they are given a universe to watch over.

The Most Notable Uses of the Staff

Whis is the Angel we see use a staff the most but he's not the only one. Using the his staff, Whis delivers Bulma's baby in seconds, creates a training space for Goku and Vegeta and looks through its ball to view something. Vados also uses her staff several times, mostly when she creates a fighting arena for Universes 6 and 7 to fight. Marcarita also uses one to try to bring Jiren's old master back to life, but she states she can't because he was killed by a demon. And it seems that the Gods can also use them, as Beerus answers a call on it.

The Angel Staff's Powers

The staff can do many things. It can be used as a projector to see the past and present, it can determine how far along a baby in the womb is and subsequently deliver that baby, it can use the Warp technique to allow Angels to travel quickly, and so much more. Each staff has a pocket dimension within it that has an abundance of godly ki that its wielder can use to transport others to in order to train, as seen when Whis transports Goku and Vegeta to learn to control their ki. The gravitational pull of these dimensions is also increased, much like the Hyperbolic Time Chamber.

The staff can also resurrect people from the dead upon direction from the Angel's God of Destruction. Whis brings Freiza back on the orders of Beerus, for instance, though this incredible power seems limited. It cannot bring back anyone killed by a demon, as was the case with Jiren's old master Gicchin. On top of this, the staff also has the ability to detect when a planet's lifeforce is declining. Angels can also use their staffs to create atmospheres to breathe in and create food to eat. Using the ball at the top of the staff, Angels can also search for specific people. They can be used as weapons if the Angels chose to use them as such, but this is rarely shown as fighting goes against one of the Angel laws, as explained by Chapter #55 of the manga.

The Angel Attendant's Staff appears to be a conduit for which the Angels can use their own abilities, much like a wand for a wizard. How these staffs are made and where they come from is still a mystery, though fans certainly have their own ideas. It seems as though there are some mysteries that we may never know the answers to when it comes to Dragon Ball Super's Angels and their powers.

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