Anime Anatomy: 5 Weird Secrets About Kirito Kazuto’s Body

In the fan-favorite series Sword Art Online, Kazuto Kirigaya (better known by his screen name Kirito) has amassed quite a collection of avatars, each with their own unique abilities. That’s not to say that his biological body brings nothing to the table though. Throughout the arcs of his story we’ve seen him manifest staggering speed-related abilities, utilize an impressive understanding of computers and draw upon the quirks of his past to give him a competitive edge. Let’s take a closer look at this Sword Art Online survivor to see what makes his body so remarkable.

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Kirito Has the Quickest Reaction Speeds

Sword Art Online’s Aincrad arc heralded our protagonist as the player with the quickest reaction speeds in the game, rewarding him with the unique Dual Blades ability. This skill, emphasizing Kirito’s aggressive strength and speed stats, marked him as the player destined to fight Heathcliff, the final boss, on the 100th floor.

Though Kirito discovered the skill relatively early in the game, he chose not to use it until dire circumstances arose, wanting to avoid unnecessary attention from other players. This decision lasted only a year before being forced into action in his fight against the 74th Floor’s boss Gleam Eyes. These same dizzying reaction speeds would later allow him to play on an equal field in the Gun Gale Online arc, allowing him to cut bullets before they could reach him despite his abilities focusing on that of swords rather than guns.

Kirito Can Run Up Walls

Upon entering Alfheim Online, Kirito was quick to choose the fairy race Spriggan, as it corresponded well with his well-established black-clothed aesthetic. Though this race of fairies was generally looked down upon by other players of the server, their corresponding Wall Run abilities worked well with Kirito’s already-high speed stats as it allowed for him to push the previous 10-meter dash cap.

Not only did this create a way for Kirito to retain his stats from the Aincrad arc, but they also allowed for him to excel in environments typically detrimental to winged players, such as caves or tunnels, helping him out of tight pinches when trapped underground.

Kirito's Avatar Height Always Matches His Real One

Entering a fantasy world usually inspire players to alter their appearance to that of their ideal avatars -- though it may come with a few unwanted side effects. Though Kirito’s beta tester avatar did depict an idealized version of himself (one which was quickly stripped away at the full release of the game), it was revealed that he elected not to make himself taller as he worried that the extra height might make it more difficult for him to adapt to the movements of his avatar. This seems to have been a decision maintained from game to game, with all his avatars retaining similar builds and heights so as to speed up the time it takes to adapt to a new body and its abilities.

Kirito Honed His Fighting Skills With Kendo

Though Kirito’s accomplishments with a sword come largely from his prowess in digital worlds, his abilities might not stem only from his years trapped in virtual reality. SAO’s Alfheim arc delved further into the protagonist’s backstory, revealing that he trained for two years at a nearby Kendo dojo before dropping his training in favor of his budding love for computers.

This decision was met harshly by his grandfather, whose vehement opposition was only quelled by his adoptive sister Suguha’s declaration to train hard enough for both of them. This would go on to inspire Suguha’s love of Kendo, which translated later into her skills as a player in Alfheim Online.

Kirito Has a Mind For Computers

Not just anyone could distill an entire Artificial Intelligence into an in-game object in just a few minutes. Kirito’s technical abilities have played to his advantage countless times throughout the series, whether it’s allowing him to build his own computer or fashion a communication probe to make it possible for fellow Alfheim Online player, Yuuki, to attend school alongside Asuna. This love of computer science helps to ground him as a relatable character for the audience, and is thought to have been fostered in him by his aunt, an editor for a computer systems magazine.

Fans also hope that it will hopefully pave the way for his and Asuna’s daughter Yui to join them in the real world despite her current existence as an A.I. These skills are likely also the instigator for the series as a whole, as without his dedicated love for the technical, Kazuto Kirigaya might never have been able to play as a beta tester for the first VRMMORPG, and SAO would have been a very different story.

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