Anfisa Letyago Presents New Collaborative Remix Packs Of “Listen & Nisida”

Closing out another breakthrough year, Anfisa Letyago has established herself as one of techno’s most talked about names. An intrepid selector with a positive attitude regarding all things art and dancefloor related, the Russian born starlet has been making seismic waves within the industry for a number of years. Past releases have been featured on revered labels such as Carl Cox’s Intec, Nervous Records, Hotflush and Rekids. Letyago returns now with a brand new project primed and ready for her own imprint – N:S:DA. Originally a celebration of her own dark-brooding style of techno, the label has entered a metamorphosis of sorts, welcoming in a host of established producers to remix the labels first releases.

The unapologetically raw house sound of DJ Seinfeld opens up the third and final remix EP, putting his own spin on Letyago’s deep cut ‘Insidia’. Cavernous synthlines occupy the track’s main body, reminiscent of late seventies golden-era Chicago house. The remix is laced with hard hitting percussion and bubbling sound fx, a supercharged production primed for widespread club usage. Seinfeld welcomes us into the project with his trademark, rough and gloriously danceable sound palette.

Letyago follows suit by revisiting ‘Nisida’, reshaping the track into an electro-acid workout adorned with sharply tuned drums and heavily-treated shimmering vocals. The euphoria-inducing breakdown at the center point of the arrangement unfolds weightlessly, building into an energetic barrage of low-end frequencies. Letyago’s ability to raise and release tensions within a track is truly exceptional, a technique she has perfected over several years of DJing, witnessing at first hand the importance of building up to moments of high intensity on the dancefloor for maximum impact.

Drum and bass royalty, Calibre offers his dark and brooding interpretation of ‘Don’t Hide’. The original track has been wickedly morphed into an after-dark roller fit for extensive basement usage. Commanding and minimal, Calibre’s remix has been executed with devastating precision, perfectly balanced space-age pads glide seamlessly across the disjointed rattle of breakbeats and white-noise imbued hi-hats. A painter, fine artist, multi-instrumentalist, writer and producer, this multifaceted Belfast producer never ceases to disappoint.

Closet Yi concludes the compilation with a slow burning techno metamorphosis of Letyago’s ‘Listen’. Subterranean and primal, the track unfurls from its ambient beginnings into a low-end focused four-to-the-floor rhythm steeped in misty reverb and distant chords. Based in Seoul, South Korea, Yi has played at some of the most respected underground clubs in the capital, including Cakeshop, Faust, Pistil, Contra and more. A welcome addition to the remix project and a seductive end to this shadowy collection of tracks.