Andrew Galaxy Releases Newest Record EP, Titled, ‘Different World’

Andrew Galaxy strikes back with another release via Future Rave Music. The young and up-and-coming music producer and DJ is here with his second release through the label; this time, he introduces his latest EP ‘Different World’. The 4-track EP is ready to showcase Andrew Galaxy’s innate talent and remarkable skills and style that make him one of the most promising names in the Electronic music world today.

Future Rave Music continues its legacy of bringing the best Electronic Dance music from all over the world to the main stage, shining a light on fresh talent from almost every background, that share their same passion for music and the Future Rave genre, and like with all the previous productions that reached higher grounds, this new release is not an exception, displaying Andrew Galaxy’s eagerness and fresh take on the genre, putting his name high on the list of DJs to follow.

The EP takes the listener through a journey filled with the exquisite sounds and talent of Andrew Galaxy, that mixes saw-synths, powerful basslines, energetic beats, revved-up pads, uplifting sonic elements and the refreshing Future Rave flavor to make this production an unmissable listening experience.

His original take on the Future Rave genre brings with him these four tracks that will add new hungry listeners to his following, ready to check out what this talented artist has to offer.
The opening track ‘Rave Generator’ introduces a steady beat with a groovy flavor. Filtered synths make their way as the intensity grows to find ethereal pads and sonic elements in a suspended plateau, to then drop it once more with the help of growling synths and the powerful beat. 

Next is ‘Ignited’, an indisputable Future Rave track with a powerful beat, raving synths and pads that keep the energy up. Uplifting chord progressions make space for a catchy vocal melody that brings the track to a new heavy drop highlighted by the track’s signature powerful saw synths. 

Then, ‘I Am Acid’ adds growling pads and a filtered beat alongside aggressive synths and sonic elements that surely bring the track to the next level. Staggering synths guide the way as the urgency of the beat gives no other option than to dance.

And finally, ‘Cosmic Gate’ starts off with an energetic beat and features a heavy drop, synth stabs and underlaying basslines that add a mysterious touch while pads and sonic elements keep the rave vibes going. 

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This Future Rave opus is a must-listen for everyone looking for an upbeat and uplifting experience, as it makes its way to charts and dance floors everywhere.

‘Different World’ is out now and available in all major streaming platforms and online stores.

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