Andrew Canlon – 2024 Projects – Interview

Andrew Canlon joins us for an exclusive interview to give us an insider’s look into the projects he has planned for the upcoming months. From delving into the ways in which his background in Classical Music impacts his musical approach today to the process and techniques he hopes to incorporate into his workflow to revealing plans for live performances during 2024, we uncover what fans should expect from Andrew Canlon over the next few months and look ahead to the direction he aims to take his sound. 



Hello Andrew Canlon, how are you today?  


Fine, thank you! 


Can you give us a glimpse into your upcoming projects for the months ahead?  


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Man, I've been busy. I just produced my first 60-minute mix, which was really challenging, but I really hope people will dig it.  


I'm also in the middle of production on a new single called ‘Gemini Man’ with my long-time friend and collaborator Dmitry Libman.  


I'm also about to get in the studio later this week with another incredible producer and synth enthusiast, Alex Markovitz, who is one-half of Satellite Mode. We'll be working on a new track called ‘To Live a Dream’.  


I'm a huge fan of Alex and the band, so I can't wait to work with him. Both of those singles will be out by the summer, so I can't wait.  


What inspired the direction of your music for your projects this year?  

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What inspires me the most is just being honest.  


Not being afraid of what people will think of me or my lyrics.  


It can be really scary to put yourself out there because with every response, comes a critique.  


I don't think people do it intentionally, but sometimes you're ready for it and sometimes you aren't.  


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Sometimes you'll get feedback that really stings, and it will disorient you for a moment, but you have to have the ability to kind of shake it off and continue on. I write about really personal matters in my life, and as much as I'd like the music to be the focus, inevitably people want to know more about you and the story behind the music. That's something I have to adapt to.  


With your background in Classical Music, how are you bringing your musical experiences into your approach towards music production and the sound of your upcoming releases? 


I love this question because it's an important topic for me.  


As much as you can get by these days without even really knowing how to read music, I still think producers are fooling themselves if they think they can solely rely on technology.  


The question I always raise is: if I walk up to you and unplug your rig, could you walk over to a piano or pick up a guitar and perform?  

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If not, then I think you've missed a very important step in your musical development. I get no satisfaction at all from using loops or samples, and I haven't used any in my songs. Everything you hear in my mix, as simple or complex as it may be, is being played into the mix on a keyboard or drum pad and manipulated later.  


Why borrow pre-made material when you can create your own? Ownership is everything and a classical education in music will always give you a leg up because the ability to orchestrate transcends genre and is actually a much larger factor in Electronic Music than people realize. This isn't the last time you'll hear me say this.  


What are you most excited about when it comes to continuing on your musical journey this year? 


For the first time in my life, music is my job. As daunting as that may sound, it's incredibly exciting as well. I've actually started a business and begun to build my production and my brand as solidly as I can, so when I get that touring phone call, I'm ready to hit the ground running.   


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What inspirations and influences have you been drawing from in your upcoming projects?  


I'm endlessly inspired by Kid Francescoli. I love everything he does, and it reflects perfectly on who I want to be musically. Here's a guy with a great electronic sound with a hybrid set-up and a live band. That's aspirational. I also love Bonobo. Ben Bohmer. Moby.  


People who start with the piano and make it larger than life with all of their amazing synths and drum machines.  


I did also have a friend who heard one of my songs recently and said that I sound like “an electronic Phil Collins”, which completely blew my mind. I love that and I embrace it fully.  


Are there any goals or projects aside from music that you’re planning to accomplish this year? 

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Aside from music? No. It's all about the music. It always has been and it always will be.  


How do you hope to develop your craft this year? Are there any techniques, processes, or equipment that you wish to master during 2024?


I've dabbled with Ableton, and I do have an APC at home that is collecting dust. I'm going to find a cool way to incorporate that into my setup. I understand the power of Ableton and you've just gotta know your way around it in today's music scene. With that said, Logic is tough to beat. I never feel limited when using Logic, so if it ain't broke… 


What plans do you have when it comes to connecting further with your fans? Are there any performances scheduled or plans to grow your interactions via social media? 


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I'm actually speaking with some venues right now in NYC about upcoming shows. We're ironing out the details, but you'll see me back out there soon. As for connecting with fans on social media, I'm just trying to be myself. Mental health is also an important topic for me, and I would love to connect with people more on that level as well as musically.  


What do you hope listeners will take away from your music and projects in 2024? 


As always, I hope my music gets stuck in their heads. I take a lot of pride in writing songs that are catchy. Because why make music that people don't like or can't hum along to? I've never understood the point of that, honestly. Music makes me happy. It also helps me process pain or confusion. That's a gift I like to offer listeners as well. Take a listen. No matter what you're going through, we'll be able to connect on some level, because we're not so different. Music is just how I know how to express myself and I hope it helps others process what they're trying to express in their own lives. I absolutely love that.  


With such a determination, upheld by his pure love for music itself, Andrew Canlon is no doubt carving an exciting way within Electronic Music, carrying on a compelling trajectory as he remains committed and creatively invested in his craft. So, from our conversation, we’re looking forward to what 2024 has in store for Andrew Canlon as he promises to bring captivating music and find fresh ways to connect with his fans. Make sure to stay tuned by following Andrew Canlon across social media, as he remains a unique talent to take note of within Electronic Music today. 


Andrew Canlon Online 

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