Amado Might Be Boruto’s Version of Naruto’s Most-Shocking Surprise Villain

Boruto has received a lot of criticism for its questionable means of transitioning the limelight from Naruto characters to the next generation. The characters from the original series seemed laughably weaker compared to their previous selves. The series even went as far as spoiling Naruto's death in its first chapter. New elements were added to the series to try to give it fresh layers to explore. This included the science aspects and, of course, Karma. Despite Boruto's efforts to distinguish itself from its predecessor though, one of its characters, Amado, seems to parallel Naruto's surprise villain, and it may be telling fans where the series is heading.

Kabuto was one of the earliest villains of Naruto and remained part of the cast of Boruto. He was Orochimaru's protégé and he did all of his master's bidding. That involved a lot of espionage, intel-gathering, negotiation, and keeping things a secret. He was also a medical ninja who learned a lot by experimenting with Orochimaru's cursed seal together with his master, which he later used to alter himself. All these skills allowed Kabuto to become a surprise major villain towards the end of Naruto. He allied himself with Obito, offering him an army of reincarnated villains in exchange for Sasuke, and started the Fourth Great Ninja War.

Amado was a former Inner of Kara, functioning as the head of the research and development section. He is a genius scientist who created cyborgs that supposedly outmatched Jigen and even clones, including Jiraiya's clone Koji Kashin. He was also responsible for experimenting on Karma and finding possible vessels for Jigen, wherein only Kawaki and Code managed to survive. His loyalty, however, turned out to be fragile as he defected to Konoha even though Isshiki was still alive.

In order to clear himself of suspicion and be accepted as Konoha's citizen, he offered intel that the shinobi village needed. He told them about Jigen, Kara, the Ten-Tails, and the Otsutsuki. He also helped both Kawaki and Boruto in handling their Karma powers. Amado developed a drug that could impede the progression of Boruto's Karma, and he also helped Kawaki acquire a purely weaponized Karma. The latter was done unbeknownst to Naruto, arousing suspicions about his allegiance. Even though he's provided a great deal of help to Konoha, his intentions and reasons for doing so seem dubious.

While Kabuto was a better spy given all the places he's infiltrated, Amado shares his negotiation skills. He knew just the right offer to make in order to gain access to even the wariest of places. That is, after all, how he got into Konoha's midst. The biggest similarity between the two though is their research practices. Both characters like delving into obscure powers represented by curse marks and turning kids into the Big Bad's vessel of possession. Amado also seems to be as light-footed as Kabuto when it comes to chasing his biggest prey, the series' deuteragonist. Like Kabuto and Orochimaru's work on Sasuke, he also conducted experiments on Kawaki, giving the latter power to achieve his goal.

That brings the discussion to the question of Amado's sincerity. It is difficult to imagine that a scientist smart and cunning enough to serve under one of the vilest creatures in the entire series is willingly offering his services to a village of shinobi for the sake of refuge. One theory is that he followed Kawaki, the only successful experiment, to conduct further research on him. If so, then he must have his reasons for doing so. It may be that like Kabuto, he's working for another villain for a yet unknown reason. Another possibility is that Amado is doing it for his self-interest, testing a fully-weaponized Karma on Kawaki then acquiring said weapon for himself. This isn't unlikely as Amado already performed self-modifications and that such development already happened before when Kabuto used the cursed seal to attain sage mode.

While Amado isn't a copy of Kabuto, they are similar in more ways than one. He's an intelligent man that has locked on in his target. He may be helping Konoha at present, but his allegiance seems to be as solid as mud. That being said, he may show fans his true colors soon.

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