ALRT Shatters Expectations On New Single ‘Poppin’

Incessantly thinking outside of the box, and experimenting with elements of various genres to produce his token sound, ALRT exceeds modern-day music expectations. Utilizing influences of trap, old-school, house, dubstep, and hardstyle, ALRT continues to push the limits of music production, inspiring electronic music lovers and producers everywhere. 

In ‘Poppin,' ALRT serves up a homogeneous mixture of jersey-club bounce and trap-inspired synth work to deliver the perfect example of a hybrid heater. Off the bat with intoxicating white noise and quick house beats, ALRT flips the switch on the second drop, surprising fans with a slew of scattered synths for the ultimate surprise. From its distorted percussion, surprise half-time drop, and fluid vocal chops, this modernized masterpiece is sure to leave listeners wanting more.