ALIGN Returns to Lowly. with Sophomore EP ‘VISTA’

Once again taking to Lowly., Chicago-based luminary ALIGN debuts his sophomore EP, VISTA, out now on all platforms. A wondrous display of immaculate production talents and lush instrumentation, ALIGN's sophomore EP is a luminous triumph.

Leading the charge is “I'm Searching,” a soft yet captivating opening track littered with gorgeous synth work. Following in suit with equally lush instrumentation is VISTA's lead single “California Coast” ft. Sarah De Warren. An amalgamation of effervescent percussive work and light-hearted synths, “California Coast” is a gold-hued gift for warmer weather and coastal cruising. Propelled by ALIGN's enthralling instrumentation, Sarah De Warren's silky smooth vocals transport listeners to a dreamlike daze, segueing beautifully into “Close.” Clocking in at just under 4-minutes, “Close” is best defined as a transcendent treat. Highly introspective, ALIGN builds palpable feeling through emotive percussive elements and alternative instrumentation.

Picking up the second half of ALIGN's sophomore body of work is “The Color Of Your Thoughts.” A uniquely titled track boasting an even more unique composition, “The Color Of Your Thoughts” is a front-row seat to the inner-workings of ALIGN's creative process. Highlighting the best of the producer from his distinct drum patterns to his sincere synth work, “The Color Of Your Thoughts” permeates the senses from its first note to its last. The VISTA EP comes to a close with “Washing Away,” as ALIGN pulls listeners in one last time before sending them off to reflect on his introspective body of work.

Speaking on his sophomore EP, ALIGN says the following: “A glimpse at something new can change how we go about our daily lives. The ‘VISTA' EP surrounds catching this ‘glimpse' or ‘view' of something that influences us. Whether it is a literal view that is imprinted in our minds and stays with us; Or whether it's a fresh perspective or thought that helps us move forward in our lives, these ‘vistas' provide moments that impact us in many ways. I wrote these 5 tracks to reflect that. Impactful locations and experiences constantly change my perspective for the better, or they give me a new way to appreciate the things and people around me. For me, this EP covers the search of new things around us, finding the things we love, and the way we look at everything around us too.”

Make sure to check out VISTA below on Spotify!