AI-Powered “Passion Flower” DJ Art Car Coming to Austin, Texas

After first debuting at Burning Man 2019, the technologically advanced, AI-powered vehicle known as Passion Flower will go back out on the town for the first time in Austin, Texas.

The roving car is capable of effectively delivering a multi-sensory experience through the use of AI. Decked out in layers of dichroic film, the colored glass mirrors the vehicle's surroundings vibrantly. However, it's getting even more of a read on its audience than some bystanders may initially realize.

The AI-powered Passion Flower art car and multi-sensory mobile DJ platform.

The AI-powered Passion Flower art car and multi-sensory mobile DJ platform.

The internal workings of the vehicle's music and visuals are governed by AiMi, a platform with the ability to generate an endless stream of AI-crafted electronic music in a variety of moods and genres. Mobile listeners can download AiMi to their phone and experience how this technology is rapidly redefining what it means to get lost in the music.

Through its implementation of AiMi, Passion Flower is able to read its crowd using specialized remote light sensing technology and calibrate its lighting cadence and mood accordingly, which, in turn, also shapes the tone of the music.

Aside from AI-generated music capabilities, the Passion Flower additionally has a fully functional DJ booth, creating a new kind of venue for DJs to potentially play in the near future.

Edward Balasannian, creator of Passion Flower, says he first conceived the idea nearly a decade earlier in 2010, when he first visited Burning Man. The entrepreneur stated that his goal was to create an identifiable and communal art piece that had the potential to bring people together at all hours of the day. Balasannian explains how his unique vision all came together in a short form documentary recently shared on YouTube.