After the Rain: How to Get Started With the Anime & Manga

There are many popular romance and drama anime and manga franchises that dominate the pop culture landscape, from the zodiac-themed Fruits Basket franchise to the acclaimed new rom-com Horimiya. There is another series that often flies under the radar but is also well worth a look: Jun Mayuzuki's After the Rain.

The After the Rain manga was published by Vertical Comics in the west, and its solid but relatively brief length may make it an appealing investment for collectors. The story is richly detailed with intimate human emotions, engaging side characters, resonant themes and more, all in one compact package. There's also an anime adaptation.

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after the rain
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The Story Of After The Rain

After the Rain

17-year-old Akira Tachibana had always loved running. It made her feel free, detached from the cluttered and stressful world and all its woes. When the wind is howling in her ears and her legs are pumping, she feels like a soaring bird, and running track dominated her high school career up to this point. But then disaster struck as Akira injured her ankle. Her track hobby was put on hiatus, if not entirely ruined. She learned to adapt, but she's been feeling down ever since, and the soaring bird now sits idly by as her track teammates run on without her. Akira does, however, have a part-time job to keep her mind busy.

Akira's boss, Mr. Kondo, has caught her eye with his gentle and nurturing personality (he's also a divorced father of a young boy). She can't help but let her infatuation unfold, and boldly tells her 45-year-old boss that he has captured her heart. Mr. Kondo hardly knows what to say -- not only is there a serious age gap, but he has long convinced himself that he's a boring has-been whose passion and youthful drive have faded away. What's left for Akira to even like about him?

However, Akira is determined to win his heart, and more importantly, she and Mr. Kondo are putting each other on the path to regaining what they thought they had lost. Akira will surely run someday, especially with Mr. Kondo cheering her on, and her youthful vigor and strength inspire him to reignite his lost passion for literature with a new novel. It's never too late to take control of your life back and seek what makes you truly happy. After the Rain isn't just a romance -- it's a story about healing.

Reading The After The Rain Manga

The After the Rain manga was published in the west in five two-in-one, paperback omnibus volumes by Vertical Comics. stocks all five omnibus volumes in its online catalog, including the Kindle digital version, which can be found at a slightly discounted price.

After the Rain can also be found in Barnes & Noble's online catalog, including the NOOK digital version (also at a slight discount). Similarly, manga readers can find the paperback copies at Right Stuf Anime.

Watching The After The Rain Anime

The anime adaptation of After the Rain had a fairly modest release in the west, but it is available both on streaming platforms and in blu-ray format, giving newcomers some options in how they watch the series' 12 episodes. For those who would rather stream After the Rain, Amazon Prime Video is the best bet, with all 12 episodes subbed (no English or other dubs).

Fans who would rather get a physical copy of After the Rain can visit Right Stuf Anime and check out the blu-ray collection, featuring all 12 episodes (including the English dub along with the original Japanese). The franchise even inspired a live-action movie directed by Akira Nagai, though it was only released in Japan.

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