After Its Satisfying Season 2 Finale, Does Yashahime Need a Season 3?

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Episode 48 of Yashahime: Princess Half-Demon, "A Never-Ending Future," now streaming on Crunchyroll, Funimation and Hulu.

Yashahime recently aired its Season 2 finale, ushering in a surprising era of peace and happiness for all of its characters. With Kirinmaru defeated and the series losing its main antagonist, everyone is safe and reunited for the first time without a current threat hanging over them. While many fans expected the Season 2 finale to introduce a new threat for the protagonists to face in the next season, the reflective episode lacked conflict and ended on a high note.

Given the relaxing and peaceful tone of the season finale that often signals an overall series finale, viewers are left wondering if this is everyone's happily ever after. While the series' initial plot is resolved and a Season 3 of Yashahime hasn't officially been confirmed by Sunrise, the anime's popularity indicates that fans can likely expect another season starring their favorite half-demons.

After the death of Kirinmaru and Rion in the previous episode, Yashahime's Season 2 finale reveals a slow-paced and happy life after conflict. Free from the constant threat of danger, the Great Dog Demon Family finally has a chance to relax and rebuild their families after 14 tragic years apart. This gives them the rare opportunity to bond and get to know each other better before they inevitably have to face new threats later down the road.

When Kagome and Inuyasha return to the house they were forced to abandon when Kirinmaru attacked them shortly after Moroha's birth, they soon learn of their daughter's debt to Jyubei the Corpse Dealer. After discovering Moroha's debt, Kagome's maternal instincts take over, and she tells Inuyasha that they must clear their daughter's debt immediately. Moroha and her parents go on a mission to take down a demon and obtain the Ice Sword of Un'ei, successfully paying off the rest of her debt. Moroha and Inuyasha fight in perfect sync to take down the demon, proving that she takes after her parents.

Meanwhile, Towa and Setsuna spend time with their mother, who gifts them clothing she fashioned herself from the fine fabrics Sesshomaru gave her. Rin tells them that Sesshomaru wanted to reward them for everything they've done and admits that they'll have to face many hardships just for being his daughters. The twin half-demons ask her why their father didn't help them as much as he could have, questioning how much he cared about them, but Rin assures them that Sesshomaru is proud and relieved at how strong they've become.

The episode later focuses on Miroku and Sango happily reunited with their children and praising Shippo for how powerful and respectable he's become as a teacher. Their only son Hisui is sparring with Setsuna when he reveals his true romantic feelings for her to the audience, and Kohaku encourages him to get stronger to support her. After verifying Setsuna's love interest, Riku returns from the dead in a shocking turn of events to reunite with Towa as her love interest.

When the three half-demon princesses reunite to discuss everything they've accomplished so far, they decide to take on demon-slaying missions to grow stronger in preparation for the new enemies and threats they'll inevitably encounter. They see their parents off before embarking on a new journey together where demons fight them because of their bloodline, causing Towa and Setsuna to proudly declare that they're Sesshomaru's daughters and accept their challenge.

Given its lack of a cliffhanger or the introduction of a new conflict, the plot of Yashahime could end with its Season 2 finale without requiring a continuation of the storyline. There are minor unanswered questions remaining in the series, but the characters could live happily ever after from this point forward, leaving fans to fill in the blanks themselves. While Yashahime doesn't need a Season 3 to complete a full storyline, the highly popular series still has significant potential, as well as a dedicated fanbase that wants to see their beloved characters developed even further.

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