A Rude Awakening: VICRUDE

A Rude Awakening

Chicago, IL – Vic Anderson, professionally known as VICRUDE, is crafting sonic booms with his eclectic mix of EDM and a kaleidoscope of musical influences.. Based in Chicago, VICRUDE's musical journey began in 2012, transitioning from a lead singer in cover bands to a solo DJ in 2022, with a plan to to meld sound and vision into an immersive saga.

Breaking the Mold and Stirring Emotion

VICRUDE's not just spinning tracks; he's weaving epic tales. He's set his sights on being the best storyteller of the digital age, merging beats that bridge time with visuals that tug at multiple emotions. It's not just a show; it's an odyssey through the light and shadows, a dance across time itself.

Triumphs and Tough Lessons

Reflecting on the road traveled, VICRUDE cherishes his live stream with LiveBash, a marathon 2-hour set that drew in over 300 pairs of eyes and ears. That gig was more than a milestone; it was a crash course in the grind behind the glamour – from the sleepless nights to the relentless drive. It taught him the art of the hustle, the power of a team, and the critical balance between pushing limits and self-preservation.

Musings and Meetings

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VICRUDE's transformation—sparked from giving up alcohol and embracing a healthier, more focused self—is the fuel that powers his creative engine. It's a reminder that the most profound changes often come from within, igniting a spark that can illuminate even the darkest of paths.This solo act is eager to join forces, craving the creative clash and fusion with minds like Hannah Wants, deadmau5, Chino Moreno and Armin Van Buuren.


Behind the Beats


By day, VICRUDE molds minds in the corporate world, guiding his sales team with the same passion he reserves for his music. By night, his studio becomes a sanctuary—a place where FL Studio meets random YouTube documentaries, and frustration meets breakthrough. It's here, in this chaos, that the magic happens.


And One More Thing…

Let's not forget: Die Hard is a Christmas movie. It's a hill VICRUDE is ready to defend on the front lines of the great holiday debate. It's a stance that snapshots his persona – a blend of humor, heart, and a hint of rebellion.

For more information on VICRUDE and his musical adventures, visit his official website at vicrude.com and follow him on SoundCloud and Instagram.

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For media inquiries or interview requests, please contact Vic Anderson at (630) 303-1112 or via email at [email protected]