A Major X-Man Might Be the Only Man Who Could Lure Elektra Away From Daredevil

As one of Marvel's most popular characters, Wolverine has had plenty of love interests over the years -- including other members of the superhero community. But there's one lethal lady who could understand Wolverine on a level few other women could hope to.

Wolverine and Elektra have been lightly teased as a romantic pairing over the years. Their compatibility allowed them to even have a daughter in another alternate reality -- hinting that they might actually be perfect for one another.

Wolverine and Elektra have a few genuine connections to each other. The pair's greatest ties come from their shared experience with the Hand, and have faced off in stories like Elektra and Wolverine: The Redeemer by Greg Rucka and Yoshitaka Amano. But the pair actually have even more in common. Both can be surprisingly cultural when they need be, contrasting against their love for combat and physical pleasures. Both are remorseless killers when they need to be, but have made a concentrated effort to become more heroic. They have both also been used as weapons by villainous forces like the Hand, the Kingpin, or Weapon X -- giving the two a deeper understanding of each other than many other heroes in the Marvel Universe.

The pair even team up in the Wolverine: Enemy of the State storyline. The events of this arc saw them work together to rip apart the high command of a Hand/Hydra team-up, with Wolverine openly joking that he might be in love with her after seeing her slaughter her way through hordes of foes. The two worked incredibly well together, and in that story even are able to communicate without uttering a single word, picking up on each other's movements and thoughts primarily just through observation.

The MC2 Universe is a potential future timeline of the Marvel Universe, focusing on the next generation of heroes who step up in the wake of the present generation growing up and largely retiring. Wild Thing is one such hero, a friend of Spider-Girl and ally of A-Next. In reality, Wild Thing is Riri Logan, the daughter of Wolverine and Elektra -- with the two heroes seemingly co-parenting with ease and lacking any of the drama that one would expect from a superpowered former romance.

In fact, both Wolverine and Elektra seem to have formally mellowed out in part to their daughter, showing that all of their doubts they could ever find happiness in the world to be unfounded. If they were together, Wolverine and Elektra could effectively find peace as they've never been shown, casually enjoying days in New York City and serving as staunch heroes. With the X-Men, Daredevil, and Elektra all likely pitted against the Hand and the Beast in the coming months, now might be the perfect chance for Wolverine and Elektra to team up again and potentially remind themselves how well they work together.

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