A Forgotten Dragon Ball Z Form Is One of Anime’s Strongest – Here’s Why

The final arc of Dragon Ball Z involved the hungry villain Majin Buu, and like his two predecessors, he had several forms throughout the series. The most known of these forms is the powerful Super Buu as well as the seemingly innocuous and rather corpulent first form that later became a good Buu. However, there's another form that's quite vital to the story despite being somewhat forgotten.

The initial gray Evil Buu was in many ways a game changer for Dragon Ball Z's final arc, being quite different from his other forms both physically and intellectually. This made him potentially even more dangerous than his other half, which is why it was his personality that characterized the villain going forward. Here's a closer look at the emaciated-looking but incredibly dangerous foe.

The Battle of the Buus

The gray Majin Buu was the complete embodiment of all of the evil within the much rounder pink Majin Buu form. Pink Buu expelled this form when he became mentally conflicted over good and evil, having been shown the value of life by the human Hercule. Whereas the pink Buu was incredibly fat, jolly and arguably friendly-looking, this emaciated evil counterpart was the exact opposite. The gray Buu was instead incredibly skinny, having an evil countenance and demeanor about him.

Another huge change was the creature's speech and seeming intellect. The evil Buu had a much more gravelly and cruelly intelligent way of speaking, whereas the original Majin Buu had child-like speech patterns and a high-pitched tone of voice. This higher intellect was focused solely on evil, as the new Buu quickly went to work attacking anyone who got in his way.

He also possessed a much greater degree of power than the pink Buu, easily deflecting an attack of his before consuming him and fusing again into a new Super Buu. This evil persona would be the main mentality of the villainous Buu going forward, as a hankering for "yum yums" was no longer the agenda of the day. Despite how impressive this was, this form of Majin Buu is never really remembered.

Why Evil Buu's First Form Is Forgotten

Part of why this form of the Majin Buu arc is forgotten is the fact that skinny Buu only appeared briefly. He quickly made his superiority to the fat Buu known, however, before eating him and becoming the much more well-known Super Buu. Due to how quickly this form was done away with, Evil Buu was never able to test his mettle against other, more worthy combatants. After all, given that much of Majin Buu's power was now contained within this evil form, the rotund original didn't stand much of a chance.

Moreover, the form has never been revisited, with good Buu's removal from Super Buu only resulting in the diminutive form Kid Buu, who himself is still far more well-known than Evil Buu. What's most interesting about the form is that it comes about through a reversal of the Buu Arc's most notable concept. The idea of Fusion, namely between Saiyans, was prominent in this final story arc, being used to combine both Goten and Trunks as well as Goku and Vegeta. The fact that the fabled monster Majin Buu is weakened through splitting apart instead of combining with someone else turns this idea on its head, especially once Evil Buu and Super Buu began assimilating other people.

This glossing over of what should have been important forms to simply get to the next one is seen by many as the reason the Buu Saga was somewhat of a disappointment. Nonetheless, it didn't stop Buu himself from being an incredibly powerful threat.

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